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Jim Carrey loses it on Twitter. BOING!

Jim-carrey-crazy-twitter-cyclops-boing  Jim Carrey loves him some Twitter. He of the stretchy face has used Twitter to announce his breakup with Jenny McCarthy, and today he has used it to demonstrate his incredibly loose grasp on how to effectively communicate with rational human beings.

 Instead, in a stream  of tweets which can only be termed as "whackadoo", Carrey insisted  "#BOING WORLD! I'm so grateful 2 u who bounce the big blue ball with me but I've had it with u who need 2 chalk me up as crazy..." (via twitter).

The very clearly sane Carrey, pictured here with former flame Jenny McCarthy, continued his bizarre diatribe about blue balls, CYCLOPS and intellectual and mental superiority, all the while ignoring the very obvious "blue ball" jokes which were just begging to be told.

That alone is a damning indictment of insanity. No man with a pulse (and very few women) can resist a good blue ball joke.

Carrey's ramblings also included the insinuation that he "might create something with lasting impact in this world..." (via twitter). He called those who have held him down "CYCLOPS" then later admitted that he may have misspelled cyclops, but just didn't care.

His bizarre Twitter-shit-storm came to its climax (insert something about blue balls here) when Carrey went sideways and declared "
...#BOING Mother F%*kers #BOING Mother F%*kers #BOING!!!#BOING #BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING!!! {B^P" (via twitter). Yup, totally sane. Perhaps Mr Carrey ought to concentrate less on the blue balls and settle for taking a blue pill?


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teh Duchess

Twitter account hackage, perhaps?


Nah, not hacked. He's been doing it for over a week now.


Dude is a lunatic. I don't know that this is any crazier than anything he's been saying for the past five or six years. More fun, maybe.


Hooking up with Courtney Love is the next step down.


Crazy man is crazy. What else is new?


I actually totally enjoy his tweets. And got what he was saying. Mind you, I take big pink pills, so...

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