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Twitter "Trolls" Executed with Extreme Prejudice by a Spelling-Challenged John Cusack

Johncusacklookingaskance Anyone who follows John Cusack's twitter feed knows that spelling is not his strong suit. Cusack tries to blame his iPhone and being "new at this" for his hapless misspellings, but no self-respecting former spelling bee winners are buying it.

(In fact, his spelling is so bad it makes my inner copy-editor cringe, wince, and shed a silent tear all at the same time for my own spelling-challenged son who I now see has no hope of improvement.) But I let it slide and keep reading his tweets because he's an interesting guy with interesting things to say and, very important here, because he's JOHN-fucking-CUSACK.  Apparently, though, a bunch of self-proclaimed Twitter grammar police have taken exception with Cusack's playing fast and loose with the English language. (Insert eyeroll here.) 


In an interview in the NY Times, Cusack reports that he has dealt with nasty tweeters by blocking them, but found that they would just start harshing his mellow under new account names, “and they’d behave like cranky, obsessive trolls.” 

To that I say, Welcome to life without publicists and lawyers, John. Here on the webz, you and only you, are responsible for your words. Especially if they are presented looking like they came through a meat grinder.

He explained by e-mail that he has a new, sneaky strategy for getting the trolls to show themselves: first, he spells things wrong on purpose to get the critics riled up, and then “I blockthem executioer style now with no warning”

Go get 'em, John!


. . . . .

Bitchin' Amy Laid-back Former Spelling Bee Champion.

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Fawn Amber

Harshing his mellow...bahahahaha....

My ex used to blame his iphone for his constant misspellings too, but I never bought it.

Off to follow John Cusack...


I love him and I love this. His liberties with the language do make me twitchy - I'm an editor too, can't help it - but I'm starting to see the charm. Plus that last line alone helps to explain why I've had a crush on him for 20 (sob) years.


i have been in love with him since "say anything" and "grosse point blank" and "high fidelity." i don't think i want to know the real him and his "troll executions."

Bitchin' Amy

Fawn Amber: He's def worth a follow. And...I bet your boyfriend would totally love being compared to John Cusack. ;)

Laurie: If he was someone else, I probably would've unfollowed him before seeing the charm in his tweets. The 20-year crush definitely grants him some license.

Mouthy Broad: The funny thing is that he really does seem like a grown up Lloyd Dabbler, minus the whole kick-boxing thing.


Ah yes, the spelling police. Really? Is this really what these people want to focus on when reading Cusack's twitter stream? Honestly, spelling and grammar would be the last thing on my mind when engaging in some banter with John-fucking-Cusack. I mean, hello... rawr!

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