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Scientology Leaders Join Crowd, Laugh at Tom Cruise

Tom-cruise-scientology What do Scientology leaders do when Tom Cruise tells them exactly how he feels? They play the videos back at cocktail parties and laugh. 


Former Scientology lackey Mark Rathbun writes an unintentionally terrifying blog about Scientology and how much it sucks now that they probably don't give him any money anymore. He says now that church leader David Miscavige made him secretly record a series of confessionals with Tom in 2001 and save them in the auditing room, as you do. 


And then? Mark informs the class that an "unimpeachable witness" assures him that Miscavige would get together with other leaders and drink Scotch and "read Tom’s overts and withholds from my reports to others, joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions." 


Now, I am quite sure that I too would laugh at Tom's overts and withholds. "Don't you overt and withhold me, pal. I'm on to you," I can kind of hear myself saying. But Cruise has repped this organization hard for years. Where is the loyalty here? 

Oh hi, there probably isn't any, because really? Read Rathbun's blog for awhile, preferably with more Valium than I had on hand, and let me know if you understand what's going on. He's really on a roll now.

Or just watch this again.

I know that always makes me feel better.



. . . . .
Laurie, like the revolution, will not be televised.

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Washington "Operating Thetan" Cube

THAT, my dear, is called "biting the hand that feeds you."

I would take my bazillions and go to another playground.

Amy @ The Bitchin' Wives Club

I almost, *almost* felt bad for Tom Cruise when I read that.

I'm all better now!


Tom Cruise has turned into one of the most irritating people on the planet. The Scientology exhibit comparing modern psychiatry to Concentration Camps won me over long ago. What the hell is wrong with Katie Holmes? Argggghhhhh!


@Katie- OH MY GOD.
@Laurie- I will try to obtain enough pharmaceuticals to read that blog.


@Cube So true. They're all biting each other though, it appears. Scary.

@Amy - I know! I had a lot of trouble with those conflicting feelings.

@Katie - Like that needed a venue, right? Wrong.

@BaltimoreGal I would have excerpted more here but I got too confused and depressed and needed to lie down. Fail.


Wow, those are some seriously BIZARRE people.

This is turning into a pattern--where I go on Mamapop and am like 'but don't slam the celebrities!'

I do feel bad for Tom Cruise reading this. It's very disturbing. These people are crazy and manipulative and yeah, Tom Cruise is a weird guy. But I can't imagine hearing that. And having that hang over my head. Ugh.

They know some kind of freaky secrets about him and he is their prisoner for life. It's just...so yucky.

But it would make an interesting movie. I probably won't outlive Tom Cruise but the biopic of his life's going to be fascinating when it all comes out after he dies.

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