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50 Cent Encourages Aspiring Anorexics All Over the Globe

Picture 8 50 Cent can now show young people that, yes, anorexia does really work!

Sure, you think of 50 Cent of the dude who showed grammar teachers all over America that singular/plural agreement was not a hard and fast rule and the gentleman who was seriously into shawty's birthday, but did you know that he is also on the fast track to an Oscar.

What? Quit that laughing!


Mr. Cent lost almost 60 pounds and removed several tattoos so that he could play a cancer patient in the upcoming movie "Things Fall Apart".

50 (can I call you that? 50?) dropped from 214 to 160 the old fashioned way. He starved himself to death.

Seriously, liquid diet and the treadmill for three hours a day.

Three fucking hours of treadmill a day.

Yes, ladies. The anorexics have had it right all this time. Starvation and obsessive exercise works! Call all the pro-ana websites!

What is that saying? You can never be too rich or too thin?

Picture 6 

I strongly disagree.

Luckily for 50 Cent, the academy loves this kind of shit.


. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah was wondering if she went back to a hoopty from a Benz, would you poof and disappear like some of her friends?

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Well, props. He pretty much does look like a cancer patient.


Wow. I have a friend who's part of the production crew for this movie. He told me that 50 Cent was doing this, but I couldn't have possibly visualized how drastic the change would be. Yup - he's Oscar-bound. (Not that I've ever seen him act. Or sing. Or talk. But as was mentioned above...the Academy loves this kind of shit.)


Mr. Cent. Ha! Way to drop some knowledge. But he'll always be Fitty to me.


Chris Rock. New Jack City. I see a field of dreams opening for Mr. Two Bit after this.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@silver I thought the exact same thing!

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Rob O.

I just wanna know why it is that these Rap/Hip-Hop "musicians" seem so pissed off, miserable, or just plain constipated all the time?

I mean, c’mon, how unhappy can you justify being if the most challenging part of your day is stomping around on stage, spewing stuff that's (generally) about as sophisticated as Mother Goose nursery rhymes - and getting paid millions to do so?

Maybe "Fiddy" should snag a Happy Meal and the worthless thug might just be able to crack a smile.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


I can't speak for the others but I think 50 Cent is miserable because he is starving.

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