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Avril Lavigne's Rib Cage Is Swearing At Us

Avril-Lavigne-Brody-JennerAvril Lavigne and her new boyfriend, Brody Jenner (WTF?), recently got matching tattoos. I know two people who need their mouths washed out with soap.

Ok.  First things first.  Who the hell let Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner date?  I know this isn't new, because I've been reading about it for awhile, but seriously.  That has got to be one of the more random couplings I've heard about lately.  You've got Avril, a reasonably normal, displaced Canadian who used to be pretty famous for singing a couple of songs when she was a teenager.  And then you've got Brody, a pretty typical Valley-boy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who is one of the "stars" of The Hills, where he plays the dude who has or will sleep with every girl who has ever been on the show.  I think that's his only function, then again, it's hard to pay attention to that show with Speidi screaming at your face all the time. 

I suppose Avril and Brody have plenty in common.  They're both people who are attracted to the opposite sex, they're sort of famous-ish, of the same age bracket and neither of them are terribly hideous.  That's more than some Hollywood couples.

Avril-Lavigne-InkedAnd now they have one more thing in common: a tattoo.  And not just any tattoo; one their mothers are sure to be thrilled with.

Avril revealed to Inked magazine her most recent tattoo, which is a match to Brody's.  How cute!


Pardon my french, but that's what their tattoos say.  The Granddaddy F Word.  The Eff Dash Dash Dash.  Very un-lady-like.  Completely ungentlemanly.

Well.  I.  Never.

They both had Eff You See Kay permanently inscribed on their bodies.  I can only imagine what their moms said when they heard about their babies defacing their skin with such profanities.  I mean, I'm not anti-cursing - I've been known to string together a few choice words - but to have one forever tattooed on their body?  You can't just erase that shit stuff.

I suppose having the eff word tattooed on their rib cage is better than having it on their neck or their forehead or whatever.  But really?  That is what they chose to have permanently etched on their person?  I know they both already have several tattoos, so maybe they ran out of ideas.

Avril told Inked that it is her favourite tattoo because it's her "favourite word."  Huh.  My favourite word is harpoon, but I don't think I'll be getting that permanently etched into my skin.

If they ever have them, I wonder how they'll explain this one to their kids...



. . . . .
Jen O. only swears when it makes the joke funnier.

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That's Klassy!

jen from boston



Oh. Mygod.


I always liked "sousaphone". Maybe on my lower back? With some tramp-stampy faux-tribal business around it?

Accidental Housewife

@jillian o my gosh! Or, like, you could have it be, like, a butterfly, and the wings are SOUSAPHONES! With crossed harpoons below, just for good measure...

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