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Betty White Will Read You a Bedtime Story

Betty-white-mr-t Pop culture addicts, tv freaks, little children who need to go to sleep: Betty White is here to meet all of your needs. 

The tv legend who is suddenly everywhere doing everything including hosting Saturday Night Live showed up at a Bedtime Stories Project event in L.A. this week. Her task? To read Margaret Wise Brown's classic Goodnight Moon to dozens of children.


She also read a story called Cotton Candy and the Big Mouth Frog, submitted by to the SleepBetter online contest by Bonnie H., a grandmother from Virginia.


(Scroll to almost the end if you want Betty to read you part of a story. I totally did.)

Betty read to the kids and talked up Sleep Better, who want us all to, um, sleep better. They also support the practice of telling and reading bedtime stories to kids.Thanks, Sleep Better, because you know what? I am exhausted. I am trying not to fall asleep right now, not even kidding. I knew Betty White cared about me.   


In somewhat odd, related news, there is also a Facebook group called Get Betty White to Read Us Goodnight Moon and Tuck Us In, which was created a couple of weeks ago by someone who has no apparent connection to the event itself. Weird. 

I like Betty White as much as the next girl. A close group of my friends and I sang the The Golden Girls theme song to each other all of the time. In my youth when I was essentially a small elderly person, I watched many episodes of The Match Game, hosted by Betty's late husband Allen Ludden, so I even know who he was. I forgave her when she tugged at my heartstrings in the spay and neuter ads. And while I think it's a little curious that she is all of a sudden so wildly popular, I don't think it's bad at all. I'll trade a jillion Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber gigs for some bedtime stories with Betty. 

Oh, and she had some advice for Lindsay at the event too, although I'm not sure why she came up at all. Betty said she'd tell Lindsay to "shape up."  

Good call, Betty. Good night, everybody. 


 . . . . .
Laurie appreciates a good bedtime story.

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I'm pretty sure that Alan Ludden hosted 'Password' and not 'Match Game' which was with Gene Somebody-Or-Other. I clearly watched way too much Game Show Network.

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