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Funniest Paparazzi Video Ever: Justin Bieber Walks Into a Glass Door and Cackling Ensues

Justin-bieber Are you the kind of person who laughs like a hyena when you see someone trip and fall?  Well, it is about 10 times funnier when famous people are the ones hurting themselves, so you're gonna love this.

I recommend watching at least five times in quick succession for the best laugh results.

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Damn those revolving doors! Getcha every time!


Also: notice that his hair never moved


Man, he's a tiny thing isn't he? To be fair to Sqeaky-Voice Bieber the design of the door seems a little stupid.


Hahahaha! Also, you're not supposed to push those kinds of revolving doors. They move on their own!


as much as i want to be anti-bieber b/c I just really don't get it b/c i'm not 13... I love that he was laughing at himself and went to talk to the paparazzi after.

And I've done similar (without a film crew present)... so... yeah.

But this is still so very funny.


Okay...this kids falls off stage (breaks his leg) and walks into glass doors. You have to wonder about this guy. And I'm a huge klutz! :)

cindy w

Dammit, this just made Justin Bieber sort of endearing to me. Crap.


He's clumsy because he's a teenage boy. Have you seen how many of them wander around crashing into stuff?

Love how he feels like he has to explain himself - I think that's funnier than the crash itself. Hee.


Haha that is a pretty weird door. I'd think he was kind of cute except that I said "I seen..." and that alone makes me want to take a switch to whoever is supposed to be in charge of his education :P


I have a 10 year old, and yep, boys are clumsy, especially at Bieber's age. They're growing so fast their body can't keep up with where their center of gravity is, or something. My brother used to be able to walk into the middle of room and trip on a bare floor. It was rather hilarious.

Suzy Q

Maybe that'll smack some talent into him.

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