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Heidi Klum Debuts New Summer Lines For Maternity Wear


 Heidi Klum introduced summer designs for her two maternity lines for A Pea in The Pod last night. Because she is the awesomest pregnant celebrity mom ever.

Klum, having had four babies over the last six years, is undeniably qualified to design maternity wear and it shows. Not pregnant for a change, or even carrying any of the baby weight from her last pregnancy a mere six months ago, she looked every bit her fabulous, model-y self while introducing the line. Awkward! ...I mean for all the pregnant ladies present at the launch, of course. 


The two lines, which originally debuted in February, are called Lavish and Loved.  Lavish is pricier and available at Pea in a Pod, while Loved is being sold at Motherhood Maternity Shops at prices anyone can handle. As a woman who was pregnant in the late 90's and wanted to slash her wrists every time she was confronted with the array of overalls and jumpers that Motherhood sold at the time, I can tell you that these clothes look pretty damn good. I.e., they are not all hideous. 

The clothes at Pea in the Pod, on the other hand, are total rockstar.


Pretty awesome, right?

On the star-watching front, famous pregnant ladies must be pretty hard to scare up at the moment, because their didn't seem to be many people worth the photags' time. A few ladies of interest were there, though.

Danica McKellar (left), forever Winnie Cooper to The Wonder Years die-hards of the world, was looking lovely at four-months pregnant.


Jodie Sweetin, formerly little Stephanie Turner on Full House, was also there and was totally representin' for all the third-trimester ladies out there.  Way to go, Jodie!

James Van Der Beek, beloved Dawson's Creek star, was there (and looking way too adult for my taste) with his glowy fiancée, Kimberly Brook.  Awww. They really do look happy and gorgeous, though, don't they?

James-vander-beek [source]

. . . . .

Bitchin' Amy is ecstatic to not be pregnant, but is overjoyed for YOU, if you are.

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