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In Shocking Twist, Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Dio Funeral

Ronnie-james-dio-horns-small  Showing a continuing hatred and misunderstanding of everything, the Westboro Baptist Church and worst person in the world Fred Phelps plan to picket Ronnie James Dio's memorial service Sunday. Or as they call him, "the dead brute Dio."

Not nice. 

"This is lazy work, Fred Phelps. What is your deal," I ask rhetorically. Dio is an easy target, really, since he taught a nation of millions of heavy metal fans to throw the goat, the devil horns, the metal horns, what have you. He bounced around stage singing really loudly about some pretty dark things. He was in a band called Black Sabbath and then Elf, and you know how those elves are. Also? Ronnie James Dio is dead, which makes him the easiest and saddest of targets. 

I don't think Fred Phelps understands things like true rebellion, fun, music, humanity or life. He missed the part about how in many cultures the horns are used as a symbol for expelling demons. Shout at the devil? To hell with the devil? 

My people are quite clear about all of this. 

And what really confuses me about Phelps is his equal oppportunity unconscionable hate picketing of people who were not necessarily gay when his agenda is pretty much entirely anti-gay. Picketing Heath Ledger's memorial service? Troops killed in Iraq? Ronnie James Dio? The hell? 


Exactly.  He hates everyone. Makes it easy to keep track. 

Ronnie's wife Wendy, who has checked in regularly with fans upset by the 67-year-old singer's death from stomach cancer, states the obvious: that Phelps has it all wrong. Ignore him. Rock on. 

“Ronnie hates prejudice and violence! We need to turn the other cheek on these people that only know how to hate someone they didn’t know. We only know how to love someone we know!”

Turning the other cheek. Only knowing how to love. Sounds pretty humane, maybe even Christian, to me. Sounds pretty rock and roll. And life's a never-ending wheel? That's pretty heavy too.

Dio's death was depressing for legions of heavy metal fans, the vast majority of whom throw the goat because, well, because some days your day needs a little more rock. Like every day. 

No one who lived a decent life deserves to go out with this kind of trash talk. Phelps allegedly has nine protests planned for Memorial Weekend, so that's nine families who will hear this garbage on one of the worst days of their lives. It's the unfortunate side effect of precious free speech and a sad, sad commentary on how people like Fred Phelps happen. 

And if I happen to outlive him (please, please let me outlive Fred Phelps, even for just one day)? On the day he leaves this earthly plain, I'm going to listen to some Sabbath and watch The Dark Night. I'll show him. 


. . . . .
Laurie will throw the goat until I die. Bring it, Fred.

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Arlee Bird

This Fred Phelps is so bizarre.
I am a Baptist and Phelps in no way represents any Baptists that I know of. His is a bizarre cultish offshoot of the religion. Phelps and his followers would be doing the Church a favor by actually doing God's work and helping the poor, the hungry, the hopeless, and others in need of outreach. They do nothing constructive by their hurtful actions toward those grieving at funerals.


I think I might be overly cynical, but I think that the only way you can feel like you've lived a life worth living any more is if the WBC wants to picket you when you're dead. My not-so-secret hope is that when the Phelpses get to their own personal version of Hell, there is nothing but Dio music and Heath Ledger movies.


People like that guy is the reason why I avoid religious people. People like that have formed my fear of them and prejudices.

What a dickhead. Seriously. You don't fuck around with peoples FUNERALS. If people had shown up at my dads funeral throwing shit like that around I would have punched som dudes. And dudettes. And probably dudelettes. Teach the motherdudettes and fatherdudes a lesson.


At one point during one of Phelps' OTHER attempts at misguided funeral-related bullshit, I stumbled on his son's website, which was pretty amazing stuff. His son had a miserable childhood and young adulthood while he tried to work through all of the crap his father taught him and has arrived on the other side sane and smart and compassionate (and atheist, unsurprisingly).

The story he wrote about his childhood and eventual escape was haunting, and Phelps is a terrible, horrible man who physically and mentally abuses his wife and children. So yeah, a really great upstanding man of God there. Pfft.



I really hate people like Phelps for giving Christians - and much more importantly, God/Christ a bad name! It's just awful. A true Christian would never do something so cruel! I don't understand how he can be so misguided and just...horrid, mean, and ENTIRELY un-Christlike. It makes me want to call the people this idiot is harassing and apologize to them on the behalf of all real Christians.


The people of Topeka, and Kansas, kindly request that someone's brakes go out and run over this whole family.

The nation/world is sick and tired of them, but so it Topeka, trust me. They hide behind the First Amendment, and get preferential treatment all the time, while they continue to use hate speech and the like.

missing my wife

I came in league with these fellows when I lived up in Dallas. There are chapters everywhere. I haven't been involved in the past year due to working out of town, but I can say this, NO ONE gets to harass a funeral with them around.
The website is www.patriotguard.org but for some reason I couldn't get it to load right now, but you can read about them here too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_Guard_Riders

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