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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Dance, Everything Is Awkward

Tom_cruise_and_katie_holmes Whatever Katie Holmes wants, Katie Holmes gets?

I don't really know about that, but whatever it is, she gave it her best off-Broadway shot at a benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund this weekend in Los Angeles.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise performed a song and dance routine to "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets."  Well, Katie Holmes sang and danced. Tom Cruise mostly sat on a bench and took one for no team in particular while she writhed around him, at various points mussing up his hair, fake-flashing him and pushing him down on the floor. He got up and walked around some and even looked vaguely menacing for a few seconds but he may have just been confused.

I kind of hate to ask anyone else to watch this, but I am asking you to do that, yes, because it's hard for me to imagine these two drinking out of the same glass much less, well, you know.

So, help me out. Dance of the Thetans? Veiled audition for Dancing With the Stars? Honestly sweet and awkward and weird? Discuss. 

All I know is that trying to reconcile my teenaged feelings about that beach volleyball scene in Top Gun with the pretty much exactly opposite feelings I feel about Tom Cruise when I watch this video?

Tom-cruise-Top-Gun-volleyball-MaverickCan't be done without a therapist, I'm quite sure.


. . . . .
Laurie has terrifying dance recital flashbacks.

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Oh that was awful. Awful and awkward beyond belief. What, pray tell, was the point of that?


I just can't bring myself to do it just yet. Maybe later, without sound?


My question is who told this woman she could sing? And why did they lie?

Also, Tom is no stage actor. I guess he loses his presence when he's not standing on his little booster box.


Wow - painfully awkward.

Sarah Lena

Okay, I'm going to vent, as I often do. Katie Holmes is the "celebrity force" behind Dizzy Feet, a FABULOUS benefit for underprivileged kids to get the dance training otherwise unavailable to them. And while that's GREAT, and Yay, Katie!, they ALWAYS have her perform and ..


She is not a dancer, not a singer, and dude, it makes the rest of dance look like a MORON for even allowing her the stage. Her "taped" performances for SYTYCD every season are RIDICULOUS (completely auto-tuned and cut-and-pasted .. embarrassing for a show that prides itself on live entertainment) and I get ill every time she's on there.

::tour jete off my soapbox and exit stage left::


BaltimoreGal -- it's not any better without the sound. Trust. me.


What the efff? Buh-zar.


I must admit that I snickered a bit when she called him "little man".


That was just weird. And creepy.


Soooo awkward. And her voice is painful! Sorry kiddiwinks, but save it for at home.


I'm with you, Sarah Lena. The video's been taken down, so I have to go hunt for it on YouTube, but I totally agree about SYTYCD and Dizzy Feet and her performance on that show.


Um, she's not even dancing, she's just ... walking around. Just like her Judy Garland tribute on SYTYCD. Lame, I say. Lame.

Scout's Honor

Oh, man the video is gone. Missed it!

Amy H

dang it. I missed it, too. sigh.


I made it to 49 seconds. A personal best!

Look, I may have dropped out of ballet while still in preschool, but...that was. Not good. Not good at all.


What was that for? Some Scientology talent show?

I think she was better when she sang on Dawson's Creek...that was just, I have no words.

Sarah Lena

Okay, I really just watched about 1 minute of it and I have to say I've seen more believable performances in local women's jailhouse productions FOR REALZ.

Ann's Rants

Ouch Ouch Ouch

Even stranger, I have seen video of her playing this role in her HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAl.


I didn't think the singing was bad, or great. It was the dancing that made me stop watching at 53 sec. I felt like I was watching a high school talent show act.


@, well, @everyone - you have made this so much better for me, so thanks.

@erin #1 - "little man," haha.

@amalah - and for the first 25 seconds or so she was standing behind someone, so you saved yourself indeed

@sarahlena - I must know where said jailhouse productions occur. I didn't know such things existed.

@jellybean - apparently that's where she started this Lola gig up, per @annsrants, anyway. Now I'm terribly curious.


Lola is my 73 yr old boss' name. Ew ew ew ew ew. Now it's stuck in my head. Thx. That was very painful. Make it stop.

Washington "Nice Day For A White Wedding" Cube

I think they do their best acting in trying to convince people it's a real marriage, and not a....what do the French call it? A "mariage blanc."



Aww... I can't find it anywhere. Looks like it's been removed from every source.


I'm trying, you guys. I just popped a new news report with some footage up there if you're still interested.

I need to stop watching it though, before I get really sad. ;)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Now I just feel dirty and kind of sad.

But I like thinking about Tom Cruise being uncomfortable EVERY TIME I TAKE MY MEDICINE.

Maybe we can go to therapy together.

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