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Kelly Bensimon: Satchels of Gold and Other Craziness

Tumblr_l0l64zolAl1qzate6o1_500Kelly Bensimon has gone from Adorable Flake to Wow, She's a Little Nutty to HOLY HELL, SHE SEEMS TO BE CERTIFIABLE, STAY AWAY.  And there's more.

So, if you watched the episode, DUDE, YOU ALREADY KNOW SHE WENT BATSHIT.  And there's really no nicer way to put that.  It's pretty serious bidness when you have a group of women who make their living off of being controversial reality tv stars, and four of them silently agree to stop talking to the crazy one because they're AFRAID FOR HER SAFETY.

If you haven't seen the episode, I apologize, because Bravo seems to have pulled every video known to man including on their own sites of the meltdown.

But two recent interviews have come out since the "crazy dinner party", where she went from angry to violent to peaceful to stuffing her face with gummy bears, and both speak from two completely different angles.

Real-housewives-of-new-york_Kelly_Bensimon_crazy Alex McCord was recently interviewed by US Weekly, where she said that the footage used in the actual episode was nowhere NEAR the level of crazy felt by those in the room.  She said she was actually terrified of Kelly's instability, and that what we saw?  Made Kelly's instability look tame.

Now, on the flip side of that coin, Kelly has come out and said, "Everyone says I had a breakdown.  It was really a breakthrough!", insinuating that she finally realized that she is so much more REAL than the rest of the girls, and THAT'S why she went insane.

Perhaps most notable of her break-whatever was Kelly's claims that fellow Housewife Bethenny Frankel has repeatedly "tried to kill me".  Which.. seriously .. wha?

Okay, don't pretend you didn't see it.. what do you think of Kelly's admittedly odd behavior? 

Certifiable, crazy, or just part of the onscreen persona?

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Sarah Lena thinks if it walks like Crazy, talks like Crazy, and spills crap like Crazy .. it must be a duck.

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It felt very real to me. It felt like the kind of crazy that you can't make up.


I was scared just watching it. I wanted to high five Bethenney and tell her she totally called this one. Her crazy meter is pretty good. I feel bad for Kelly's daughters. Even Jill was turning on her from New York after their phone call.

Apryl's Antics

I watched it a couple of times, but missed the preceding episode that foreshadowed her descent into crazy town. I've always thought that she was high on something based on her inability to remain focused on any conversation and construct complete sentences. This last time I thought she might be doing tequila shots off camera. Her leap backwards like a startled cat when she opened the door to the tote bag Bethany had left for her was a little too dramatic. It makes me wonder if crazy is just her gimmick.

Sarah Lena

No, I'm TOTALLY with you guys. I would love to give her the benefit of the doubt, but there is NO WAY you can fake any of that. She'd be better off PR-wise, in my opinion, admitting that she's a drug addict and was just on a bender that evening.

Amy Mayfield

When we lunched I hadn't seen this. It was the for real type of crazy that actually made me uncomfortable watching it in my own home-I can't imagine being there.
And seriously?
Who confuses Al Sharpton and Jack Nicholson's character from A Few Good Men?
I think my head hurts.


What was with her maniacally stuffing her face w/gummi worms & jelly bellies too? She's flown over the cuckoo's nest for sure.


Poster child for chemical imbalance. Evidenced by pathological sugar craving.

Loved the episode though and how the new housewife diffused the situation. And Bethenney's official Crazy-Meter validation.


I watched in "OnDemand"...did they yank it from cable as well?? I'll have to check when I get on to watch this week's episode!!

Ok...aside from watching a crazy person have a mental crack...I laughed when she told the girls that she doesn't eat processed food...and then stuffed her face with gummy bears...you just can't argue with a stupid person...you get nowhere!


I wanted to watch it last night to see part two but I was ascared! She is so wack. In every way.

Sarah Lena

Actually, last night was pretty tame in retrospect. Kelly is certifiable.. and I TOTALLY agree with Silver up there who thinks that there's a chemical imbalance at work there .. but when she's not being INSANE, she's actually kind of a loveable flake. I guess it's the INSANE that you have to watch out for, though.

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