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Megan Fox: You're Fired!

  Megan-fox-fired Calling your director "Hitler" can be a bad career move ...even for Megan Fox.

See? Movies stars are JUST like us: They call their boss "Hitler" and they get canned, too! Megan Fox apparently forgot that director Michael Bay gave her a career by casting her in the wildly successful series, The Transformers. So she trashed him in a bunch of interviews comparing him to a certain German mass murderer and calling him "a nightmare to work for". She also claimed he made her model skimpy outfits and wash his car (what, he doesn't have interns?) during the filming of the first Transformers movie. Considering all she did in the first movie was wear skimpy outfits, look scared, and do some light car work, I think she could have considered the demoralizing scut work as "practice." And, frankly, if Michael Bay was so awful to work for, she could have turned down the second and third movies in the franchise. Just sayin'.

But don't worry, she has Brian Austin Green to comfort her and with mad acting skillz like this, she'll certainly land on her feet:


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Maybe it's just me, but... Regardless of how awful she is at acting, if he really was making her do stuff that made her uncomfortable and wasn't part of the job she signed on for, he kind of deserves the harsh things she said.

Just because she wears skimpy outfits and isn't the brightest bulb in the room, doesn't mean she doesn't have rights and isn't a person.


Oh, I agree that a hostile work environment is bad. But, seriously, the only thing Megan Fox did during Transformers 1 was wear skimpy outfits and wash a car so it seems a bit odd to complain about it.


Wow, I'm absolutely dumbfounded.

How can you see this as not something to complain about? Do you follow the logic that hookers can't be raped because their job is to have sex with strangers?


Ack! No! Not what I meant. Hostile work environment= Bad, Sexual Harassment= Bad, Rape = Bad.


Yeah, but, do you see how the other half of your statement kind of negated the first part?


How did he "make her" model skimpy outfits and why would she agree to wash his car? I don't see how (even if he did those things) he would deserve the "hitler" name.

And, suggesting that what she did in the movie was the same as what she's blaming him for is a FAR CRY from saying that sexual assault is okay. Try to have a little perspective Kat.


I have plenty of perspective. And it's pretty easy to force someone to do something when you're in a position of power. Something as easy as, "You don't do this and you lose your job." In Hollywood it's not like they need a clear cut reason to take you off of a movie.

And I'm sorry, but forcing someone to do something that makes them uncomfortable is, while not to the same degree as assault, it's in the same boat, because you have to figure in the emotional side of it. Emotional and mental abuse is just as harmful as physical.

I'm not saying that it happened, that it didn't, or that it might/might not be overblown to some degree, but mocking someone for being forced to do something that 'they already do' is complete and utter bullshit and my prostitution comparison stands.


I guess in my opinion it working for Michael Bay was so horrific for the first film, I not clear why she would work for him on the second or even the third. If she really felt he was "Hitler" then I would have thought she would do everything in her power to avoid working for him again. Instead she agreed to work on Transformers 2 AND 3 before getting canned.

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