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Russell Crowe Pitches a Fit...Again

Russell-Crowe-Face Russell Crowe and his bad temper have struck again.

Russell Crowe doesn't appreciate not being appreciated. The touchy actor didn't respond nicely when a BBC interviewer asked him if he meant for his Robin Hood accent to sound Irish.

"You've got dead ears, mate – seriously dead ears if you think there's an Irish accent."


The interviewer, who I'm sure was trying to get a rise out of Crowe, pushed him further and asked him again about the accent by asking "Do you mean it was supposed to be Northern [England]?". Russell's response was:

"No I was going for an Italian ... missed it? F--k me."

And then he stormed out.

I admit that I laugh every time I listen to the BBC Radio sound clip of the interview below. You just know the interviewer was pushing for a reaction like that. And Russell, being the kind and predictable hot tempered soul that he is, obliged.

Listen to the Radio Clip of the interview below:


. . . . .
Marilyn thanks Russell Crowe for the laugh.

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Sarah Lena

I like to call Russell Crowe's accent "the melting pot", because it kind of blends all of mankind together into one indistinguishable sound.

cindy w

You know, if I had the chance to interview Russell Crowe (which would be improbable at best, since I work in technology, not journalism), I think I'd be careful to NOT say something to piss him off. Mainly because I sort of like my face the way it is.


@Cindy W: I think the risk I would run is that I find him so funny when he's pissed off that I'd probably make him even angrier.


@Sarah Lena: You're right. His accents always sound a bit off. His accent is the Russell Crowe Accent - at least he does that really well.

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