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Ryan Gosling Gets Upstaged at the Blue Valentine Premiere & Seems Okay With That

Picture 112  Ladies, hold on to your swooning couches.

You know, I'm more of a fan of the Lars and the Real Girl version of Gosling than the schmoopy romantic cheeseball movie version, but I admit this picture is one of the cutest things I've since...well, since the last time somebody posted something about puppies over on SparkleMotion.


Also: Child actresses? And parents of child actresses? Take note. THIS. THIS IS ADORABLE. THIS IS HOW LITTLE GIRLS SHOULD BE DRESSED ON THE RED CARPET. Faith Wladyka is six years old and is dressed like -- OMG -- a little six-year-old having a delightfully special magical experience, instead of, say, a six-year-old trying to compete for paparazzi coverage with her skanky tween star sister. 

(Though I am still kind of coveting a similar pair of flats like that.) 

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Jen O.

Adorbs. Although, Ryan there seems to be a bit annoyed that she's substantially cuter then he.


Kate Beckinsale is infinitely pissed that this little one is making the best-dressed list and she and her "structured frocks" are not.


Super cute. Love that he's holding her hand :)


That is so cute! Does anyone know what the dress says? I want to make this for my daughter.


Oh and I want the shoes too! For me.

Melissa @MBonn

@funda62 there are more pics of it here http://justjared.buzznet.com/photos/faith-wladyka/1/ but I can't find any of the back of course. As far as I can tell it says "Once upon a time there was a princess" something something something :P

And I totally agree. Something sweet like this is what little girls should be wearing - movie stars or not!

Bitchin' Amy

I am ded from cute after seeing all the photos from the party. The two of them together is just too much!

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