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$h*% My Dad Says, CBS, On Parent Group's Hit List

William-shatner  The Parents Television Council has strong words for William Shatner's latest television show, $#*! My Dad Says

Fresh from complaining about a recent Family Guy episode, the PTC has now set its sights on CBS and the show based on a book based on Justin Halpern's crazy popular Twitter account, @shitmydadsays. 

PTC says the network "showed contempt for families and children" by airing the show in the 8:30 p.m. time slot. They won't allow the show's "in your face" title to be the new normal, they said, and plan to challenge the broadcast license of any affiliate airing the show before 10 p.m.  

Cutting edge entertainer Pat Boone is on their advisory board so this means that really bad things involving white shoes could happen to people. What's a little good old-fashioned harassment between seemingly random groups of people and a large television network, anyway? 

I am worried about what this means for Justin Halpern and his dad and the shit he says. 

CBS exec Les Moonves has thrown out "Stuff My Dad Says" and (oh please no) "Bleep My Dad Says" as possible alternatives, but Shatner the star says "meh" to all that. 

"We say 'spit'; why can't we say 'shit'" Shat said. "Shit is a very natural function of the body. We shouldn't discard it."

With Billy Ray Cyrus, Connie Sellecca, Naomi Judd and Dean Jones of Shaggy D.A. fame, along with several conservative politicians and media types also on their board, it's not surprising that the PTC would have a problem with primetime profanity. 

Should kids be exposed to this? And if they shouldn't, should the PTC be handling this for all of us? I don't bleeping know about that second part especially. 

I'd ask my dad but he's taking a nap. What do you - my MamaPop parental brain trust - think? 



. . . . .
Laurie is embarrassed to tell you some of the $#*! her dad says.

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the best part about this show is the tagline: This fall, the Shat hits the fan. Now that's kick-a$$ copywriter right there, folks.


Haha, I didn't see that. Awesome.

I have a feeling I'm going to watch this show, and I have quit all comedies, pretty much.


Why not just "Shat My Dad Says"?
Seems perfect.


I think people need to pull their heads out of their asses and pull their sense of humor out while they're at it.

Then again, I'll most likely be missing the show because CBS is full of morons who decided to put it in the same time slot as Bones, unless Bones is moving times.


It looks shitty either way. Yikes.

Dawn K.

So let me make sure I understand:
Billy Ray Cyrus thinks this is inappropriate, yet it's completely ok for his underage daughter to dress like a half-naked bird??

Please someone poke me in the eye.


Oh the good ole PTC. Can we have people with a real sense of humor get on the PTC instead of uptight yuppities?! Shit.


I'd watch this show even if they called it "That show based on that twitter account by that guy who loved his dad."

I've been a fan of that twitter account and site for a while and I love it that their making it a tv show.


@Dawn - thank you! I was thinking the same thing. Hypocrites.


So are they actually going to be saying "shit" on CBS at 8:30? Which is 7:30 where I live. I think that is completely inapropriate. Just another reason to keep the TV turned off in my house.


I give it 6 episodes before being cancelled and all of this hubbub will become a moot point.

That being said, I think it is inappropriate to have a show with a title that would require an explanation airing at 7:30 p.m. (for us folk in the central time zone). And how are they going to promo it on air? "[beep] My Dad Says?" "[silence] My Dad Says?" "Sh[silence] My Dad Says?" Just seems kind of stupid to have a word you can't say on air as the title of your new show. But whatever, like I said, it won't last.

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