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Spencer Pratt: Heidi's Mom Just a Vagina

Heidi_montag_spencer_pratt  Spencer Pratt says Heidi Montag's mom can just shut up because she didn't make Heidi, God did. 

Spencer Pratt is possibly one of the worst people in the world. 

Last night on The Hills Spencer lost his shit after a rough day of elephant riding and kissing lambs at his house. It wasn't exactly like that time he chewed out Ryan Seacrest on Twitter but it was similar in tone. Heidi's sister Holly was sitting at the worst table in the world, which is any one at which Spencer Pratt is also sitting. He did what any total douche would do and told her that her mom, Darlene Egelhoff, "decided to rape" Heidi "emotionally on every crevice of her body" on her most recent visit home. 


Heidi-montag-mom  "Um, you're talking about my mom," Holly squeaked. "Stop it." 

"She's not God!" Spencer screamed, his hair turning into snakes and fire shooting from his fingertips. "She didn't make Heidi! She's just a vagina." 

Seriously? I mean, Spencer might be a little tweaked that Heidi's mom had a problem with her daughter scheduling ten plastic surgery procedures in one day and dared to call her on it, as moms are prone to doing when they're not just being vaginas and all. I can see how any disruption in Speidi's weird, plastic, elephant-riding world is a bit jarring. But this guy is not right, I don't care how they're editing him. 

If even your other vapid Hills friends are standing around talking about how crazy you are and how this party with the circus animals and all the kids is boring and they want to bail? Problems.


Meanwhile Heidi sat around mostly in a daze, occasionally swatting at Spencer's arm or at imaginary things in the air, while her friends talked trash about her in shoe stores. She did tell Holly at the end that she couldn't do this anymore, while Spencer walked around in circles screaming in the backyard. I really hope she means him. 


. . . . .
Laurie has watched The Hills once and hopes that is enough.

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If God made Heidi, then wasn't she perfect the way she was? Why would they mess with God's handiwork? Poor Darlene, it's got to be heartbreaking for her to see what this man is doing to her daughter.

Adam P. Knave

Are we sure Heidi sat in a daze? Can she move her face these days? I mean... how do we know what she's doing? She could be screaming, or crying, or sleeping - it wouldn't show anymore.

Jen O.

I'm ashamed to say I watch this every week. Spencer must be destroyed. Burned with fire. Run over by a dump truck filled with chicken manure. He's an idiot.

And you're right. No matter how they're editing him, he still said those things. The context doesn't matter. As a mother, I was extremely offended.


He makes me want to scream. I don't want to pay him any attention, and yet I can't help but wish that someone would ship him to Iran.

Poor Heidi's mom. She is doing the right thing, unlike so many other celebrity parents, and she is getting nothing in return. I hope she doesn't back down. And I sincerely pray that Heidi comes to her senses sooner rather than later. I'd hate for her to be 50 before she realizes her mistakes.


It disturbs me that I am even aware of who Spencer Pratt is. I'd like him to go away now.


When Spencer freaks out and kills people, I hope MTV isn't allowed to make any more reality shows. Except maybe True Life and Teen Mom.


I can't watch The Hills anymore b/c it is so fake. These made-up story lines where Kristen might be on drugs and Spencer is losing his mind, obsessing over crystals and having problems controlling his anger are so stupid. When will producers realize these are not actors and so none of this stuff is believable? I've stopped watching & the ratings tend to agree with me.


Actually if The Hills started storylines following Speidi as fame whores and how Kristen became a D-list nobody after Laguna Beach and how no one really works or has a job on that show but has lots of money anyway, I would probably start watching again.

Washington "Gallup This"  Cube

So this is the Montag Monologues, instead of the Vagina Monologues? I'm proud to say I don't have a clue about any of this, but I wanted you to know that people read what you write (in support of your writing.) So. I have nothing to add. If this show was on last night? I was watching Law and Order, then Justified.


Speidi will never go away as long as we keep writing and talking about them. That is what they want! That is why psycho Spencer is actin the way he does...for the attention in the press. Barbi boob job needs to get a clue and drop his toxic ass, pronto!! They make me sick!


I just have to say - I love that practically every other Speidi post on MamaPop is accompanied with the taco picture. That one never fails to make me laugh.

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