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Tammy Lynn Michaels to Melissa Etheridge, Uncensored

Melissa-etheridge-tammy-lynn-michaels-weddingMelissa Etheridge can tell you: Indiana hath no fury like a celebrity wife scorned -- especially one with a blog. 

Melissa and wife Tammy Lynn Michaels separated in April after nine years of marriage and two children. It was mutual, Melissa told Oprah and everyone else. Amicable. Creative differences, maybe. 

Wrong, Tammy blogged on Hollywood Farmgirl, from back home in Indiana where she has gone with three-year-old twins Miller and Johnnie Rose. "The Enterprise" wants her to be quiet, she wrote. Sorry, Enterprise. 

In what I guess you could call prose-poetry, Tammy Lynn talks about disappearances "into the hourglass-shaped wood with strings" and someone who is withdrawing from "family and intimacy to pluck those strings more." 

Melissa-etheridge-tammy-lynn-michaels-sunglasses  Translation: Melissa wouldn't put down the (really rad 12-string) guitar and deal. 

Hey, I've been there, Tammy. I feel you. I mean, those guys were guys and they weren't famous at all and were basically sitting around on their couches playing guitar after they got off work. But still. And don't get me started on bass players. 

But we didn't have two children and weren't married so please allow me to shut up. 

Breakups suck, particularly after many years and building a family and all that goes into that. No one knows what really happened except for the people involved, but it's really no surprise Tammy Lynn feels "sideswiped and mangled." And she's right. If only nine years of her life could be more accurately told by a stranger in a tabloid, but they can't. 

Good thing she's got a blog. Maybe Melissa Etheridge should consider it. 


. . . . .
Laurie would like someone to bring her some water.

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Fawn Amber

I've only been married to guitar players, and I can totally relate. The broody musician boyfriend doesn't translate so well to actual husband/partner in real life.


Fawn Amber...Ditto girlfriend! Musicians are hot, but the tempermental mood swings drive me crazy!

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