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You Too Can Look Like Justin Bieber. Or Linda Evangelista. Take Your Pick.

Justin_Bieber This is a message from the emergency broadcast system: Justin Bieber fever continues and shows little sign of breaking anytime soon.

Earlier this week it was reported Kim Kardashian had received death threat tweets for being Justin Bieber's rumored girlfriend which to me sounds completely insane but that's how the teen-heart throb business unfolds. Frankly it's what the singer signed up for when he joined the fame game so now he must prepare himself for the next stage, one Jennifer Aniston knows too well, the emergence of the Justin Bieber look-a-like army.

(Let me count the ways that I'm so happy that I'm not a parent to a tween or teen girl or boy right now. Mind you my comeuppance is in t-minus eight years and I'm scared.)

Teen boys have reportedly been spending up to $175 dollars to get The Bieber and most likely they are doing this in false hope of getting lucky with a teen girl since the ladies all seem to be crushing on the wee Canadian singer lately. Actually I imagine most of that salon money is coming out of the parent's wallet which makes me want to find the mom or dad and ask 'wtf?' Not about the actual style but the fact that they'd spend that much on their child's hair.

Justin Bieber hair style popular 

Anyway. For those looking for signs of Bieber fever, this particular straight swept-forward style is also known as The Flip, Switch, Flow, or Twitch which I do believe are interchangeable with signs of meth addiction. So if your teen boy asks for any of those, let it be known he wants to attract the ladies. Or he wants to get high. Possibly both.

One New York stylist was quoted saying the last time he remembers such demand from the boys to look like a celeb, it was the Keanu Reeves 'Speed' look. Woah. The same stylist also said that The Bieber is just a pushed to the front Linda Evangelista which basically means that Canadians possess follicular influence of epic proportions.

Awesome. Canada rules and I want no part of it. My guilt over Celine Deon is too much as it is (plus my hair sucks). I don't want to lead you astray.


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katie (aka motherbumper) sometimes appears on her own blog but not as often as she should.

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Washington "I Have A Head For Business And A Bod For Sin" Cube

I think he's looking more like Melanie Griffith: The Drowning Pool-Jailbait-Don Johnson years. And we know how SHE turned out.

katie | motherbumper

@Cube Oh you nailed it, where were you when I was writing this story? He totally is rocking the jailbait Melanie.

Washington "I Have A Head For Business And A Bod For Sin" Cube

Katie: The terrible thing is, that I "know" who he is, but I couldn't name one thing he has done. I just pick up the Apocalypse Concert news (TEENS PANIC!!!) and the usual crap. I carry so much trivial gunk in my head, I have to be wary of what I add.

Don't question your judgment. It was "right on the money." Linda did rock that whole Gina Lollobrigida La Dolce Vita-Via Veneto thing when she hit the scene. Every time she altered her cut or changed hair color (and she did that a LOT), it became epic news.


If he died his hair a nice shiny black he'd be a dead ringer for Roy Orbison.

Washington "In Dreams" Cube

I was just listening to Roy this a.m.!!! Roy always rocked the hair and Ray Bans.


Ugh. As the mom of a 13-yr old boy can I just say I am SO SICK OF THIS HAIRSTYLE! It looked good when Zack Efron did it (hottie Zack makes me feel like a pedophile tho), but this Beiber kid? Notsomuch. And of course my son wants this exact thing. Unfortunately for him (ha) I won't take him to an expensive place, and the one we went to couldn't seem to manage it. SO, instead of the tacky Beiber-do, he's got a messy surferish look, which looks so much better, IMO.


I was thinking that the woman in the picture was stunning...

...and then I realized it's this Bieber character.

Girls: your BF and teen heartthrobs should never be prettier than you. Unless you like girls.


Kids have been cutting their hair like this for several years. Biebs isn't doing anything groundbreaking. It's an incredibly stupid hairstyle, requiring constant adjustment, which is why adults don't have it. But who am I to talk? I had my share of stupid hairstyles (and clothes) in my day.


Yeah... I am definitely old. I do NOT get this haircut at all. He looks ridiculous.

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