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"American Pie" Star Roped in for DUI

American_pie If you're like me, (you have great hair AND) you read that title and struggled to think of any actor by name who was actually in ANY of the America Pie movies.  While you're thinking about that, I'd like to say that my hair looks particularly good today, in case you were wondering.

Okay, so when I read this piece of gossip on the internetz, the only name I could come up with was Natasha Lyonne, but only because Jurgen Nation did a great piece about Celebrity Kids Gone Bad that featured Ms. Lyonne.  I vaguely remember her in the movie because .. get this .. I liked her hair.  And the fact that she was pro-orgasm.


No, instead it was Mr. All American, Chris Klein, who repeatedly failed a sobriety test this morning in Los Angeles.

I actually went to Chris's Wiki page (yes, everyone has one now) to find out what he's been up to as of late, but no one really had anything to add after a breakup in 2008.

Which may have driven him to drink, who knows?

According to his wiki, he is currently single, after having broken off engagements with Katie Holmes, Ginnifer Goodwin, and one other lady that I didn't recognize so maybe she isn't famous.

I think he deserves at least A LITTLE credit for completely inspiring Finn on Glee.  He was the original Finn, guys.  That's who "Oz" on American Pie WAS.

Of course, having said that, his audition tapes for Mamma Mia some years back were leaked and it kind of made him the laughing stock of the internet for awhile.  I couldn't embed it out of hysteria .. but you have to watch it.  Truly.  Okay, okay, you've twisted my arm.  Here's the video.

Photos: Source1 and Source2

Sarah Lena is a mezzo-soprano with a high belt, and considers herself a triple-threat.

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Man. His singing is really... uh... energetic.

Sarah Lena

That is, in fact, the nicest thing one can say about that video. ENERGY.

(.. coke habit much?)


Hahha oh my god the poor guy. That's a terrible audition tape. Dude cannot sing. Dude can overact. He's hot though.


Good lordy, watching that made me SO squirmy with embarrassment for him....aaaaaggghghgh!!! That was god-awful. Give it up for the true hero of this piece, the accompanist.

Sarah Lena

Yes, my dear Michelle, the winner in this piece WAS the accompanist, who somehow managed to not only stifle his/her laughter, but keep time with .. THAT.

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