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Angelina Jolie Went to Haiti and DIDN'T Come Home With a Baby!

Angelina-jolie-haiti-no-new-babies She must have felt a little naked coming home without a new addition.

For World Refugee Day, Angelina Jolie went to Haiti. Despite all reasonable expectation and certainly against past patterns, she did NOT come home with a baby.
Jolie is widely regarded as a humanitarian above and beyond the call of celebrity. She visited SOS Children's Village, independent of her duties as a goodwill ambassador.

The SOS said of Jolie "There are celebrities — and then there are celebrities. I rank Angelina Jolie right up there as a serious humanitarian who holds a special place in her heart for children who need protection."

Damn it. I really don't want to admire anything about her, but she seems remarkably genuine in her love of kids. I am sure I can come up with something else to dislike her for. Oh yeah!! THIS!
Angelina-jolie-kisses-her-brother-WITH-TONGUE!Ahhh. All is right with the world.


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even when she smiles she looks like an emo stick figure... does everyone just FORGET, her making out with her brother? her carrying around vials of blood, her sleeping with a married man? Oh i can forgive the last one cause I would have done brad too. still she is just eww


I wonder if Brad ever asked her about her brother? I wonder how that conversation went.

I tried to love her. I did. But I can't. I just want her to eat something super greasy and put on a few.

She really really looks like the octo twin in that photo btw


Awesome headline. Me, I've always thought I would really like her - until the husband stealing thing. Since then I've been at war with myself. You know, just in case she calls to have lunch.


She totally does. She generally creeps me out, but it does seem like she wants to do good, genuine work for kids
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In the first photo she looks like Octomom.

Oh, yes, I went there.

Personally I think she realized that once you have more kids than available arms on parents, you're really outnumbered.


Gah! i mean the SECOND photo. She seriously looks like Nadya Suleman.


As I am totally okay loving one thing about a person and hating some of the other crappy stuff they've done, so I can fully admit that while she is an adulterous, underfed crazypants, she does some really great and admirable charity work.

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