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Betty White Doesn't Do Drug Jokes. Except When She Does, Two Seconds Later.

Picture 123  Betty White appeared on The Daily Show on Monday night, which means I didn't get around to watching the interview until yesterday, because I am old and can't stay up that late and Betty White is out there running marathons for charity or something these days. But! Still. Something really kind of weird happened:

Jon asked Betty if, in the wake of her internet-fueled Snakes on an SNL new hotness, she'd gotten any offers that were just entirely too crazy. I got the sense he was looking for stuff more like, I don't know, Betty White To Replace Elizabeth Hasselbeck On The View or posing for Playboy, but Betty decided to talk about the sort of jokes that are just off-limits to her. Drugs being the first.

"Every once in awhile they write something in there -- oh, wouldn't it be funny if all the old ladies smoked pot....I just don't think drugs are funny and I don't like to make jokes about them." Her stance was met with mad applause from the audience and hearty appreciation from Jon Stewart, who seemed genuinely admiring and in awe of Betty's killer timing. 

Except that...immediately after the interview, a commercial for Betty's new show Hot in Cleveland aired. And guess what the gag was?

Jane Leeves: (sniffing the air) Does anyone else smell pot?

Betty White: What are you, a cop?

Jane: No.

Betty: (smiling innocently) Then what's it to you?

(Here's a video of both the interview quote and the promo spot that followed seconds later.)

On the one hand, I want to immediately defend Betty and tsk-tsk the Hot in Cleveland people for...I don't know...maybe they told her this scene would be cut from the show but thought it would be cute for promos. On the other hand, maybe Betty is just as disingenuous as any lifer from Hollywood. On the other other hand, maybe she's entering the Lady Gaga phase of her career where she's just fucking with us all the time. That would be kind of awesome.

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cindy w

I DVR the Daily Show because I'm also way too old to stay up that late, and I caught that commercial too. Very weird juxtaposition with what she'd just said.


I believe, from what I've read somewhere, that she doesn't want to be seen actually doing drugs.
But you're right, it's pretty ironic.


I was watching, caught it, and was surprised too by the irony.

I find her somewhat amusing BUT I don't get the reverence for her -- I guess if we reach that age, outlast most of our cohort, still have some comedic touch, and are obvs. still mentally very competent, we deserve some reverence but I feel it's a little overdone.


We saw that last night, too, and I had to rewind the commercial just to make sure my husband heard it right.


Hmmm.. she said she doesn't LIKE to make jokes about drugs... not that she DOESN'T. Technicality, I know, but I'm sure there are times, like on her sitcom, that they're not going to rewrite the script to avoid a quick joke like the one above...

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