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Bryce Dallas Howard: Pregnancy Made Her Quit Veganism But Not for the Reason You Think

Bryce-Dallas-Howard Bryce Dallas Howard was a vegan for years prior to the birth of her son, Theo. Although she maintained her vegan lifestyle throughout her pregnancy, it was her pregnancy that triggered a rare condition that meant she had to abandon her animal-free diet.

According to an interview with Self Magazine, Bryce was told a few months after the birth of Theo that she required meat's amino acids to maintain her health.

"My doctor sat me down and finally said, "Bryce, you need to choose between your ethics and your future." The transition was emotional, but I was grateful to my doctor for putting things in perspective for me, and I'm grateful that I can still appreciate where my food comes from."

I admit that I am a million miles away from veganism. There is just no way that I could maintain a cheese and whipped cream free lifestyle. It's too cruel to even imagine. But I can appreciate that it would be difficult to transition back into eating animal products after years of being without.


Bryce Dallas Howard is starring as Victoria in the new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Squeeee!) and is mom to three-year-old, Theo.



. . . . .
Marilyn has insanely high hopes for Eclipse.

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cindy w

I know a woman who's a vegan who mentioned making a "cheese-free pizza." I said that was the saddest thing I'd ever heard, and it made me want to cry for her.

So, yeah. Hardcore carnivore here. Oh well.

Kristy Westendorp

I find this post confusing. I'm not aware of any life threatening illnesses that can be cured by meat or cheese but not by a plant based diet. I am a vegan with a very healthy FOURTEEN pound nine week old baby. Doctors are not nutritional experts and the American Dietetic Association says that veganism can be a healthy way of eating through all stages of life including pregnancy and breastfeeding. Just throwing it out there that you don't have to give up on the way of eating you believe in in order to have a healthy pregnancy.


Bryce has said herself that the issue wasn't during her pregnancy but was caused because of her pregnancy. According to doctors her pregnancy caused a rare disorder that could only be solved by her eating amino acid's from animal food products. Since she says it's a rare disorder - it wouldn't be commonly known.


How much do I love that she's toting that stuffed boa? Quintessential mom. If only she had a banana peel or other food wrapper in her hand instead of the bottle of perrier. :)

sweetsalty kate

I'm with Kristy. Vegans are the shit (spoken with a mouthful of scrambled cheesy eggs). This is one individual's extremely rare condition, but you know that somehow, someone's going to try and make it into some sort of broader pro-meat proof. EXTRA! EXTRA! SOLVE YOUR HEALTH PROBLEMS WITH FLANK STEAK.


Even though I am personally not a vegetarian/vegan I absolutely respect that lifestyle. But I'm tending to believe her. One of her interviews said she has an "amino acid missing that you can only get from certain kinds of eggs." http://www.actressarchives.com/news.php?id=1905

There is a group called NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders). I know about it because of a family member who had Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy and this is the first place I found with any useful info on it. I took a look at the database- typed in "amino acid deficiency." There's a number of disorders there that could be related to this.

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