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Celebrity Fashion Cage Match: Busy Phillips and Björk

Cage-match  Two celebrities enter, one celebrity leaves! This edition of Celebrity Fashion Cage Match is actually a competition to determine which celebrity is the bigger fashion disaster.

 Here are Busy Phillips and Björk, each sporting a questionable filigreed frock:


Busy Phillips

My thoughts? Björk pretty much gets to wear whatever she wants, because she's Björk, dammit. Furthermore, Busy's awful shoes, clutch, and hair push her shapeless shift over the line from mildly offensive to "Who dressed you and where can we find them in order to administer the beatings they so clearly need?"  So congratulations, Busy, I think you're the winner of today's cage match. Your prize? A STYLIST. NO, SERIOUSLY, LOOK INTO IT. 

But that's just my opinion. Who do you think is the bigger disaster?

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My money's on Bjork. It's a gold lame wave of HORROR.

Mighty Hunter

"Ms. Phillips, burlap sacks are *in* this year. We just painted this one gold."




Neither wins. I want to smack them both on the back of the head and say, "Stand up straight, young lady!" Seriously, what is up with people slumping all the time these days?


Busy just looks frumpy. Bjork looks like a junior high home-ec class decided to get prom-tastic. What's with the tinsel-fringey straggly hem? Did she cut the skirt shorter herself? Although, her sandals are really cute!


Busy gets a pass from me because KIM? IN FREAKS and GEEKS? OMG, she was so awesome that I even think this outfit looks great on her.


So ummm...did anyone notice it appears Bjork cut the big toe portion of her hosiery out simply so she could wear gold gladiator sandals?! Weird!

Fairly Odd Mother

I think Bjork's dress looks like that swan dress spray painted gold and with the swan's head cut off. Hey, at least she could wear it twice!


I'm too busy staring at Bjork's pantyhose? Leggings? How is it her legs look all shimmery but there's no crumple where her big toe is in that god-awful shoe? WHAAAAA?

It defies science.

And makes me out to be a total Loser that I stare at a woman's pantyhose in amazement.


Maybe they make toe sock style pantyhose with the toes cut open... like fingerless gloves for your feet, A-MAZE-A-ZING!!

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