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Fashion Faux Pas: Christina Ricci's Under-Boobs

Christina-ricci-boob-dress Remember when Christina Ricci played Wednesday Addams? Well, she swiped the window treatments and made herself a real party look. Plus: Boobs!

At the same event that Bjork wore a golden tea cozy swiped from my grandma's house, Christina Ricci managed to steal the show by introducing us all to an entirely new fashion faux pas, a feat formerly only mastered by, well, Bjork. What was the new travesty of fashion? Underboobs or Underneathage or, gah, there's no good name for it. In short, her boobs were hanging out of her dress. Not in a traditional cleavage way, but in a maybe-my-dress-is-upside-down? way. I am not a celebrity (nor do I play one on TV) so perhaps I lack the necessary perspective to see this dress, try it on and think: YES. This is what I am going to wear to the event at the Museum of Modern Art. YES. Because when I see this dress I just think that one of the Misfits escaped from the Jem and the Holograms set. Someone: Please to explain.


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I knew a guy who had very specific appreciation for Christina's underboobs in Black Snake Moan...perhaps he sent her a request?


There are no words to describe the confusion I feel about this.

Christina Ricci - and her Grade-A WTF moment.


Is she wearing a bolero back-to-front?! Because underneath that thing might be a nice dress.


Such a pretty girl...such a BIG MISTAKE. Let's hope she sees herself and never goes there again.

Snarky Amber

You know, I think I'd say it was a bold look that works for her if not for the underbewbage. If that part were just a skosh lower, or the bottom part not sheer, I'd give her a pass. But this is just...no. However, they are very nice underbewbs.


It's like her boobs are wearing a habit, or an Amish bonnet.


Oh, dear. She just made me all prudey!


I just realized...there is no possible way for her to raise her arms with that thing on. If she lifts her arms...the underboobage would be full-front boob disclosure. I have to stick with my previous comment: Christina Ricci and her Grade-A WTF moment.


I seem to recall that look being called "Australian Cleavage" from the 80s.


hey, I got to use "underneathage" in a sentence today. Thanks, MamaPop!


I want her to stand on her head so she would look normal... that means there is something wrong with this picture. I would call this "Slump-age"

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