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Frightening Hook Up Alert: Gerard Butler and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay-lohan-gerard-butler-hookup Walking herpe Lindsay Lohan may not have set off her Scram bracelet, but she did get Gerard Butler so drunk that he forgot she was... well, Lindsay Lohan. I'm sure he did it for Sparta.

In a decision sure to horrify his publicist, it appears that Gerard Butler put reason, good sense, and human decency aside and hooked up with Miss Lindsay Lohan at a party in Los Angeles. The move simultaneously ruined his chances of appearing in Parents Magazine, dashed any eye candy appeal, and ensured a prescription for Valtrex is in his near future.  But seriously, folks, why does this:


deserve this:


Next time Gerard, just stick it in a toilet bowl. For Sparta.


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We all know that Lindsay is pretty messed up. I don't feel sorry for Gerard. He's taking advantage really of a young, really messed up, never had a chance to mature healthily, woman.

I blame Lindsay Lohan's screwed up parents, but I also blame our culture, Hollywood, and Wilmer Valderrama. Wilmer Valderrama should have been arrested for sex with a minor. There was something very creepy about the media not raising a hue and cry about a 23 year old dating a 16 year old. It wouldn't be acceptable for a new teacher to sleep with a high school junior and it shouldn't have been ok for Valderrama.


Oh Gerard, whyyyyyyyyy!! Gross, gross ,gross!!
Of course if I was a skank like her and got a chance to jump Gerard Butler's bones, nothing would stop me either!


Totally forgot about Wilmer Valderrama.

Her whole situation is so sad.

Unrelated, that is the hottest picture of Gerard Butler I have ever seen, see also hottest picture I've seen of a guy in recent memory. Well played, well played.


Dang it Gerry, whyyyyyy? I feel so betrayed :P


I keep imagining Gerard's reaction was something like Nicholas Cage's character in "Lord of War" when he has to snort the coke/gun powder mix & wakes up with a hooker in Africa. He's so hot - hooray for the return of men to Hollywood - guys with actual scruff & chest hair.

As for Lindsay, yes her parents screwed her up royally but at a certain point you have to take responsibility for your own actions. I feel sorry for her, but no one else can take care of her or stop her destructive cycle until she's ready for help.


Eww...on the up side, Gerard is down a notch now and closer to my level!

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