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Gossip Rag Wednesday: The All Class All the Time Edition

Img7026 This week's crop of tabloids, released to the newstands just today, and sanitized for your protection.

You know how people in the biz like to say annoying things like "there's no such thing as bad publicity"? Well, if Gary Coleman was still with us, he would probably disagree that publishing his deathbed photos was good publicity.


Way to go National Enquirer, you managed to beat The Globe in disgustingly sensationalistic cover art! Whoot! That'll show the Pulitzer committee that you are Serious Journalists.


Oh, Star, does this same-old same-old snooze-fest of a story REALLY still sell magazines? Does anyone believe? Does anyone zzzzzzzzzz.........


Mariah Carey is pregnant! Khloe Kardashian is not! This does not stop trusted news source Life & Style from pasting the two of them on the cover of their mag together as if pregnancy was contagious and they could single handedly knock up Khloe by proximity to Mariah and TOTALLY SCOOP all the other rags. Let us know if that works, because we're going to talk to our doctors about doubling up our birth control.


Shame. Boatloads of shame. That's what Kendra Wilkinson feels from going from the lofty heights of a Playboy Girl Next Door to the down and dirty low of a sex tape star. A wildly successful sex tape from which she is earning 50% of the profits. Gosh, what ever will she tell her son about how she paid for his college ...and Ferrari?


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Dude, I was under the impression that Mamapop would not be posting any of the pictures Gary Coleman's widow sold to the rags of him all hooked up to the tubey-tubes after his injury, but before he passed (classy, right?). I'm pretty sure I read that, like, yesterday. Bummer days.


Agree with Amanda. I'm disapointed that you guys posted the picture. :-(

Katie L.

Is it sad that I want to know more about the Madonna/Gwennie fued? Even if it's not true?


Yeah, count me in as being disappointed. When I heard she sold the pictures, I swore that I would not check out or read any tabloid that posted those pics. I know you are just showing what the tabloids put out, but I think something like this is disgusting to show. I love mamapop, but this is not cool.


I so did not want to see that Gary Coleman picture.

cindy w

What Amanda, Stephanie & Jessica said. What happened to that whole "because we have souls" thing? Not cool, y'all.


Agreed, sadly. Not only did you show the pic, but it's visible on the main page. I'm disappointed, especially because you explicitly said yesterday that you wouldn't stoop to this. Joining the rest of the soulless media, I guess.


Chiming in to agree with others. I'm surprised & disappointed to see that pic here after MamaPop's previous promise.


I really did not need to see that Gary Coleman deathbed picture. After promising you would take the high road, you decided to go with sensationalism. Way to go, Mamapop.


Oh FOR PETE'S FRAKKING SAKE! It must be SO easy to be so much better than the GOSSIP pop culture blog YOU read. You didn't have to click on the article, ESPECIALLY since you can see what it is in the thumbnail.
Sheesh, I am gagging on the holier-than-thou BS going on in this comments section.


I'm with Clarabelle on this. You're going to see this in the line at the grocery store. MamaPop didn't do anything wrong. In fact they call it out as sensationalistic. Reporting the facts ma'ams.


@Clarabella, @Eloise, I would agree except that a) there was an explicit promise not to show these and b) it is not appropriate to show such a disturbing picture on the main page - if present at all it should be after the cut. I can only speak for myself, but it is pretty unpleasant to see, and particularly disturbing for those who have witnessed a family member intubated and dying. At least post a warning.


You're still gonna see it at the grocery store and would you write them a nasty letter?


@Sue - Yes, I would write the store letter if they had promised they weren't going to stock the magazine out of principle and then went ahead and stocked it anyway.


@Sue - If the grocery store made a big deal about proudly refusing to show such pics, I would.

"By the way, in case it needs stating, MamaPop will not be posting the pictures of the late actor on his deathbed — because we have souls."

I get that it's probably just a case of MamaPop contributors getting their wires crossed, but you can't really fault the readers who appreciated MamaPop's stance in the first place.

Yes, it's a GOSSIP pop culture blog that *I* read, but I gave MamaPop props for drawing a line somewhere.


Hi everyone -- Tracey aka Sweetney, MamaPop Overlord here. Amber wrote the earlier post about this subject and mistakenly make some remark about what MamaPop would think/do... I need to state in the strongest way possible that NO one writer "speaks for" MamaPop, or can/should say what MamaPop as a whole would do/think/believe about anything. MamaPop is a collective of individuals, with individual opinions and ideas, and no one speaks for everyone. Period. No one represents the whole and Amber misspoke, and will be retracting that statement, which is not accurate and does in no way reflect the reality of how this site works. There is no MamaPop opinion about anything, we are not a hive mind.

That said, Melissa did not put up all the photos, she put up a Gossip magazine cover. We do this every week (Gossip Rag Wednesday is a running weekly feature), for all the gossip rags, good or bad, no matter what is on the cover of them. This is something I personally asked her to do, and though I did not realize one of those photos was on the cover when I asked her to do so, it would have gone up regardless, and I make no moral judgment either way about it.



Tracey, thanks for clarifying. I was shocked mainly by seeing it on Mamapop after Amber had stated that there would be no Gary Coleman deathbed pictures. I usually click from one gossip article to the next through the titles, not the small picture/blurb bits, so I had no idea it was there.

I respect that MamaPop is not a hive mind, and thank you for your clarification and Amber's retraction.


That's really too bad. I would have preferred the first version of the story, which was that Mamapop had decided not to post the photos. You may not be a hivemind, but you all represent Mamapop. Can't be a bad thing to have a guiding set of principles, nor would it be a bad thing to say, we may be a gossip site, and we may be made up of individuals, but we do have an overarching set of standards. I think you missed an opportunity here. Again, too bad. Gives me something to think about, considering I have limited time to read gossip online, and there are other sites who do make the (sort-of not-really) tough choices...


While I appreciate your response, Tracey, it sounded a lot like you threw poor Amber under the bus for speaking out (out of turn, maybe, but still) against something so clearly in poor taste. You totally made Amber out to be the villian in this scenario. I would think you might have praised her integrity at least a *little* bit.

Suzy Q

Not really a retraction; more like a SUBtraction.


Well, I think that Tracey's handling of this situation means that I am pretty much over mamapop. So that is several minutes saved out of every day.


Look out Tracey! You lost some over-reacty fans! How will you ever survive?


Look out Tracey! You lost some over-reacty fans! How will you ever survive?


Keep Calm and Carry On, Folks. It's just gossip!


Wow. Ya, I think it's *much better to cling to that whole, "We are not a hivemind, no one represents the whole," than to back what of your writers 'cause guess what? She was right.

Alienate your audience and your writers, do it.

By the way, simply deleting the line from Amber's article isn't a retraction, but thanks for switching the pictures out before the jump. Classy.

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