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I Guess That Means More Ryan Reynolds for Me!!

Scarlett-and-Ryan-scarlett-johansson-and-ryan-reynolds-2625433-295-350Look!  There's my longtime boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, with that vamp who totally messed her relationship up last night during the Tonys!  YES, I THINK THIS IS FINALLY MY CHANCE TO DECLARE MY TWO-GUYS-AND-A-GIRL LOVE FOR HIM!

If you missed the Tony Awards last night .. and why would you?! .. and you weren't on our MamaPop open thread .. AGAIN, WHY WOULD YOU?! .. then you missed this little gem.

First of all, can I just say how hard it is to find pictures of both Ryan and Scarlett together?  It's like they have purposefully never been photographed at the same time.  Plenty of side-by-side shots pasted together to resemble love, but none of the photos were they're ACTUALLY in the same oxygen really give me the warm and fuzzies.

SO.  Let's set the stage, so to speak.

ScarJo made her Broadway debut this season in A View from the Bridge and received a Tony nomination for her role.  Since it was her Broadway debut (strike 1) and she's actually a film celeb (strike 2), I didn't think there was much of a chance of her winning. (She was also in the same category with Rosemary Harris and Jessica Hect, so there.)

But the gods of theatre are never predictable, and her name was pulled from the gold and black trimmed envelope. 

She jumped up, understandably thrilled, and paused to kiss .. her costar, Liev Schreiber.  She then turned and began to make her way up the aisle, before realizing, you know, that she hadn't kissed her HUSBAND, RYAN REYNOLDS.

A little digging brought up that the two don't make public appearances together, so tonight was among a handful of opportunities for this blunder to be made, but ..

.. still.

Blatant post of a shirtless Ryan Reynolds for dramatic effect:


Oh, don't worry.  You're welcome.  And when I'm married to Ryan Reynolds, we will declare every Wednesday "Shirtless Ryan Day".  You're all invited.

Photos: Source1 and Source2

Sarah Lena is a mezzo-soprano with a high belt, and considers herself a triple-threat.

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I vote for a shirtless Ryan year, not just Wednesdays! :)

That's kind of shady that she kisses her costar and forgets her hubby. How could she forget Ryan?! Those abs are unforgettable.


OMG, if I were here I would've pulled his shirt up and kissed his abs.

Oh, crap.

Did I type that aloud?


Um, let me just say, my homegirl Alanis would never have made such a rookie mistake. Scar Jo is just soooo not good enough for that sexy, witty, sexy, brilliant, sexy, sweaty man.


Didn't she also refer to him as "the Canadian I live with?"

If I was his wife, I would have "Ryan Reynolds is my husband" bedazzled on my gown so that while accepting the Tony, the world would know I had already won the world's best prize.


Sexy, brilliant, witty Canadian man ;) Dang, that's...ouch.


WTF Tonys? She's a dreadful actress.

Katie Kat

If I was married to him I'd NEVER let him wear a shirt. And yes, my love goes back to 2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place days. But I won't get in the way of your love fest, I promise!


@Sarah Lena - I too loved him on Two Guys and a Girl.

And I vote with @Katie for Ryan Reynolds year!!! Those abs, that smile...*sigh*.....

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