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I'm Kind of Over the D-List.

KathyGriffin_003Kathy Griffin's show on Bravo premiered this week, and the disappointing numbers are after the jump. But in general, I think we're all kinda feeling the same way .. isn't there another list this show should be on?

Look, y'all, I have always liked Kathy Griffin.  I like her outspoken style, her quick wit, and quite honestly, that she didn't look like a movie star.  I actually cried when her father passed away, and I'm sure I will if/when her mother does as well.  I was depressed for her when she got so messily divorced.


25276 But.

1) Lately, she's been doing lots and lots of scantily-clad photo shoots.  Which, you know, I have nothing against in most people .. it kind of feels like she's sold out, but not in the D-List kind of way we'd like.  It's like, I dunno, suddenly we're supposed to find her an ingenue?

2) Last season of D-List sucked mightily.  And it had an interesting theme, about helping her mother complete her bucket list without her being in any danger of dying soon, but it was BORING.  And what wasn't BORING was FORCED.  She almost had a good streak of "laying in bed with" famous, strong, trail-blazing women .. Paula Deen and Lily Tomlin come to mind .. but I never saw any more of that.

3) I dunno.  I'm tired of watching someone scramble for news press.  It's .. you know, it's kind of like if Joe Millionaire had gone on for three seasons?  After the first season, you'd probably still get a good shot at getting some "honest" contestants.  But for the third season?  Dude, everyone and their mother knows your game.  You're not really pulling one over on anyone.  So it's just sad to watch.

Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List premiered on Tuesday night to a very disappointing 695,000 viewers.  All of this while Bethenny's Getting Married? debuted to a few million, just for comparison.

So, y'all, am I the only one not feeling the Kathy Griffin love?

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Sarah Lena really and truly tries to stick by her fellow gingers.

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I didn't watch last season. Did you see the new one though? It was hilarious!!!


I think you're the only one. I LOVE her and I love her show! And I loved the premiere, especially when she broke down about the Law & Order stuff.

She's still got it!

(And if you watched her most recent stand-up special, it was HILARIOUS! Especially the bit about Hoarders!)

Sarah Lena

I totally LOVE her stand-up; always have. I haven't seen the latest one (about the Bible Belt), but I can only imagine she knocks it out of the park. That's what she does best.

And, I'll admit, I have the premier TiVo'd but haven't sat down to watch it yet. RHoNY/Bethenny have taken all of my time as of late. :)


I have to say I was disappointed as well. With the premiere and with the Bible Belt special. I didn't laugh out loud once for the stand-up routine, which is not the norm. I love her and feel it's getting to be like a re-run.

Sarah Lena

I feel like I should watch the damn thing now. :)

And I'm all about keeping oneself relevant (HELLO, I'M A BLOGGING WHORE), but if it gets to be repetitive and forced? It's just not worth tuning in for, imho.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I totally get what you're saying - kind of the same old schtick that's lost its luster. But I love Kathy and I'm going to stick with it. She always surprises me - like how genuinely stressed out she was by the L&O filming. (The only thing I didn't like about the episode was trying to figure out if Mariska and Chris Meloni were honestly irritated by/uncomfortable with Kathy or if they were "acting" strained. I mean, Chris Meloni is a HILARIOUS guy, so I can't imagine he wouldn't think Kathy was funny.)

I think that's the best part of this show - those moments where you get the real Kathy, the one who's feeling honest emotions even in the midst of all the crazy stunts she's pulling.


She was keeping it real on Watch What Happens Live last night. Loved it!


I'm with Baltimore Gal on this one. Couldn't get into last season but I liked, and laughed during, this Season's premiere. She's not out of my DVR queue yet. But man...she's a lits on the scary side w/o makeup. (sorry KG, luv ya)


I don't know what the "thing" was with L&O but they re-ran the episode last night and I thought she did a really good job.

Sarah Lena

I actually saw the L&O when it aired and was pleasantly surprised with Kathy's chops. She was fine on the show. But there were times when she was uncomfortable to watch, because she put on her "acting face". Which y'all know is a little scary.

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