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Jason Bateman Subjected to iPhone 4 Technophiles' Jeers and Glaring

Jason-bateman Not even the beloved star of Arrested Development can cut in line to get the new iPhone 4 without pissing off everyone in the vicinity. Damn movie stars and their infernal perks. *grumble, grumble*

Jason-bateman-iPhone-4-cutJason Bateman has a lot of goodwill credits among the geek crowd for his role as Michael Bluth on Arrested Development, but that didn't make it any easier or less galling to see him get pulled out of line by an Apple  employee to be personally escorted into the Apple store to get the new must-have-gadget iPhone 4 first.  Hundreds of people jeered and hissed as he walked by and though he may have looked embarrassed, that still doesn't make it cool, bro'.

What I don't get is this:  Obviously, Bateman was willing to wait if he was there. The line to the Apple Store in LA's The Grove shopping center had an estimated 2000 people in it! Apparently, he was just chilling out in line, probably thrilling everyone nearby with his crazy-electric-moviestar-normal-person-ness and then the Apple store employees' made the decision to send someone out to pluck him out of the line and make sure he got his iPhone before the store even opened.  


I guess Bateman now knows that he's a big enough deal to have his PR person just call Apple to have them send one over the next time a new gadget comes out.  Pfffftp.

Another line-waiter at the scene told US Weekly that, "People literally started booing and hissing."

I feel compelled to admit that if I was waiting in a 2000 person line and someone came over and said, "Hey, forget these other people, I can get you in right now. You wanna do it?" ...  I would pretty much say, "Yes, please!! Should we run or walk?"  But that's just because I always have to wait in line. If I got free stuff all the time and generally led the charmed life that movie/tv stars do in our culture, I might feel compelled to say "No, thanks." in a situation like this.  You know, just to keep things real and my karma in alignment. Or something like that.

Jason-bateman-cutting-iPhone-4Presumably Bateman had already been waiting awhile (if only a few hundred people out of 2000 were angered), so why not wait a few more hours?

What do you think: Should stars freaking always get perks like this and even if they do, how much of an interest should they take in trying to appear "normal" by refusing said perks every once and awhile?



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I would have had more admiration for him had he refused the special treatment. Seriously. As you said, he seemed willing to wait, had the time, and probably was making some fans' day by hanging out with the crowd.


If he didn't ask for the special treatment, then who cares? Apple came to him. Maybe they could have been more discreet about it, but it's Apple I'd be annoyed with, not my beloved Michael Bluth.


Yeah, his PR person needs to talk to his agent, because that perk definitely backfired. Makes me not so impressed with Apple, either. But Apple has done a fair job of undermining its iconoclastic image for a while now. Too bad they don't put a value on goodwill. Oh wait, they do.

Suzy Q

You know, this could have been handled better by all. When Apple Guy came over to him, he could have discreetly given him an address to deliver it to, ideally arranging for the delivery guy himself.

But, if I were pulled out of a 2,000-person line for expedited service? Hells yeah!


I think most of us everyday people would probably jump at the chance to avoid a super long wait like that. But would we feel great about it later? Probably not. And would the other people in line have booed and hissed at us too? Again, probably. But given his status, I think a discreet approach or an outright refusal definitely would have been better for his overall image. But it's his image to do with what he likes I guess. I'd have had more respect for him, I guess, because that would've been downright cool of him to just be like, "No, man, I'm cool waiting my turn." But I don't have LESS for him because of it.

Apple store guys? WTF? Was it really necessary?

Bitchin' Amy

Stephanie: But did he use up at least a few of his goodwill credits with you?

Everyone else: Yes, I agree that Apple is the main culprit here... Do you think they heard he was in line and then had a confab that ended with the decision-- "Let's bring him in early so we can ALL get to meet him! SQUEEEE!!!"

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