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Jeremy London's Lawyer Issues Cease and Desist to Family

Jeremy-london  According to Jeremy London's wife, their lawyer is very concerned that all the talk from mother Debbie Nielsen and brother Jeremy will hurt their case. I think maybe the real concern is the fact that the story seems too ludicrous to be true, but I'm no lawyer. Jodifur, what say you?

Because, see, here's the story:

Jeremy and his sometimes estranged wife go out for dinner at Jack in the Box in a rented car, in an area well known for drug dealing, with a big envelope full of cash.  London claims this cash was for taking care of the lapsed registration on his car. Certainly not for, say, buying illegal drugs. 


Okay, so then they get a flat tire, and three guys who appear to be good samaritans help fix the flat and ask for a ride home in return. London's wife asks to be dropped off first, because the men made her uncomfortable. Then they kidnap Jeremy and hold a gun to his head, making him smoke dope, and despite the fact that London is gone for 12 hours driving home three guys who creeped her out, London's wife doesn't call the cops? 

You know why this story seems so insane? BECAUSE IT IS. Also, the first thing I thought when I saw this story was that London got caught red-handed with crack in his system and, being a crackhead, thought it would be a good idea to use a story line from the fourth season of Six Feet Under as his cover story. So I don't really think it's his brother or their mom who are jeopardizing their case. I think it's the fact that their case would elicit a hardcore skeptical side-eye from even the most gullible person.

It's probably also worth mentioning that London is supposedly undergoing drug testing in connection with his battle for custody of his son. Allegedly, his history of drug abuse led to losing custody of his son, so this story could be a way to save face on that front.

I concede, again, stranger things have happened than what London claims happened to him. Even so, the probability that this story is anything more than the ridiculous backpedaling of a drug addict who had a relapse is equivalent to the probability of Megan Fox winning an Academy Award. 


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Um, I just don't believe him. My aunt, a known drug addict, had a very similar story once. Turns out, she was just high.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

That was one of the scariest episodes EVER of Six Feet Under - I can't even look at that actor (who is a "good" guy on House now) without getting the creeps.

So I totally don't blame Jeremy London for having that episode stick in his head. It's still with me. But I'm not, you know, trying to re-enact it or anything.


The first time I read the story I thought it was crap. And then I read the police arrested someone. So there must be some kernel of truth in it, b/c the police normally just don't arrest people on some drug addicts' word.

But hey, on this one, I have no idea.

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