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John Goodman Has Lost an Olsen Twin.

John-Goodman_0John Goodman has been everywhere lately, looking like the trim sexy man we always knew was in there but he apparently ate.  Now he has released his very important secret on losing the weight.

I'll admit it; I've always had a little crush on John Goodman.  He's got stage cred, he's wicked fast and funny, and he was in O, Brother Where Art Thou? which is, like, an instant win in my book.

And he was on Roseanne.  Sure, okay.

But recently .. and I say this with all of the love in my heart .. he's been looking rough.  Like, maybe he's got a terminal illness rough.  And you can judge me all you want, BUT YOU KNOW WE ALL THOUGHT IT.

Goodman Well, he's been hitting the red carpets lately looking as svelte as he does in my dreams.  Which is HOT, lemme tell you.

Apparently, the star who once tipped the scales at 400 pounds has decided to cut one love out of his life..

.. beer.

Says Goodman, "I got too fond of the corn and barley and just started missing it too much, and that screwed everything up. I just gained it all back and then some every year."

So now, he credits diet and exercise (SHUT UP, WHO KNEW?!) to the massive, head-turning weight loss as the actor prepares to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Kudos to you, Dan Connor.  You my homeboy.

Photos: Source1 and Source2

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Sarah Lena loved him 129205095931885800most as Pappy in "Big River".

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And he was President for a few days on The West Wing!

It's good to see him looking healthier; he's one of my favorite actors.

Miss Banshee

this made me SO happy. I was wicked worried about his health as well, and he just seems like such a great guy, and DAMN, he's lookin' good! (I always harbored a crush on him as well.)

Sarah Lena

I'm with y'all. This could not be happening to a nicer guy, and with each aneurysm and heart attack of celebs, I've thought the clock was ticking down for ole John. SO GLAD he's fixed his ways!


He was also a tollbooth attendant in Coyote Ugly. He played Piper Perabou (sp?)'s dad ;)


Lately, I've been having sex dreams about John Goodman. This must be why.


Let's not forget he played the coach in "Revenge of the Nerds", too.


I love him too- Barton Fink might be my fave of his. So happy to know that he's feeling good and lost weight the healthy way. He looks great.


If only I drank beer, so I could give it up ;) Good for him, getting healthy and lookin' good! I thought he was great on The West Wing, too.


This made me so happy, too. He reminds me of my dad, who passed away in 2003.

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