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Kate Gosselin Had Bad Botox?

Kate-gosselin-botox_eyebrowAccidently having my face frozen in some crazy look is exactly why I will never get Botox but it appears that Kate Gosselin doesn't share my same fears about cosmetic surgery.

Truth be told, besides my fear of getting frozen silly-face and I can't get over the idea of injecting botulism directly into my melon.

Anyway. UsMagazine asked a gaggle of plastic surgeons -- who have never treated Kate Gosselin -- to look at some before & after pictures of the reality-star mom of eight. These specialists used all their medical school training and professional opinion to declare that Kate Gosselin has had bad botox. That's good enough for me says this armchair celebrity gossip wrangler. Please note: I don't know if she really had botched botox but if specialists are saying the shoe fits who am I to argue?

My favourite doctor quote chastised the surgeon who may have made a pin cushion of Kate Gosselin's forehead. "The injections were done in a cookbook pattern with no consideration for her particular anatomy. Her outer brow is too peaked, which gives her a devilish appearance." No idea what a cookbook pattern is but it sounds like he's accusing the doc of using an inject by numbers kit.


He really nailed it with that "devilish" description. She looks like she's attempting to kill moose and squirrel. Come on, you see the similarity too, right?


Wow. Is it just me or does Boris kind of look like Jon Gosselin?

Anyhow, It's hard to believe that the Kate Gosselin of the original Jon & Kate Plus 8 is even the same woman I see in the news these days. Fame really does change people.


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I didn't know Botox could lift your eyebrows like that. I thought it was for wrinkles. Hm...when I saw that pic the first thing I thought was facelift.

katie | motherbumper

@Emily One of the doctors said that by hitting some of those muscles in the forehead they react by over-reacting, therefore creating this uber-arch of the eyebrows. I also thought it smacked of an extreme browlift but apparently botox has the power to make one looked surprised and suspicious 24/7. The more you know (the more I become scared of cosmetic surgery.)

cindy w

Oh wow. I've never been a huge Kate fan, but her original face was pretty. New face is a bit scary.


I used to like Kate. This all depresses me so.

For the record, however, I always thought Jon was kind of a loser.


Perhaps Jon's douchey behavior had become so predictable that she needed to get a "surprised" face permanently installed for all of his future nonsense.


I'm not getting surprised from that look. It's more a "oh reaaalllly?" with notes of sarcasm thing. Pissed off and condescending. Basically, it's Kate's insides working their way out.


Thanks for the photos. I read this story yesterday, but she had been wearing giant sunglasses to hide her brows. Now her stank face expression will be around for 3-6 months. Tee Hee.


Dude, it's one picture out of a set and none of the others look like that. Besides, that's just her typical Bitch Face. I have one, too!


I have to wonder...isn't it possible she was just raising her eyebrows about something? Because there are a hell of a lot of creases in her forehead, and I didn't think that was possible with Botox.


Meh, Kate. One bad choice after another.

But " She looks like she's attempting to kill moose and squirrel" just made my day.

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