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Katherine Heigl Figures Out How Hard it is to be a Mom

Katherine-Heigl Being a parent is hard, hard, hard. Anyone who was kids knows this, but until you are thrown into that trial by fire, it's hard to really understand just how hard it is. It sounds like Katherine Heigl has figured it out.

Katherine Heigl adopted daughter Naleigh (now 18 months) last year, and recently told the London Telegraph that the transition from being single to being a parent was not as smooth as she had hoped.

“I thought, ‘I can do this'. My mom was going to be there a lot. [My husband] Josh was going to be back and forth from Nashville, where he was just starting his album, which was just a two-hour drive away. I have a wonderful nanny. No problem.”


Not too many of us get to have the added help of a nanny to help out with a new baby - I know I wasn't one, but I still remember that confident feeling that I could easily handle anything a baby threw my way. After all, it's a tiny baby - how hard can it be, right? Taking care of a baby was harder than I had thought but from the sounds of it, I handled the transition a bit better than Katherine. It seems that Katherine isn't exactly a roll with the punches kind of gal.

“[I] had no idea what I was in for. I ended up having one full-on anxiety attack and I threw my back out twice from stress. People will tell you how hard it is, but you have no idea until you experience it.”

This explains why Heigl quit Grey's Anatomy. 


Katherine continued the interview by stating that “everything is about being a mom to me now” and then continued on to describe a baby-free getaway to the Napa Valley with friends to drink wine and eat food. Now, I get that parents need a break from their kids, but I find it humorous that she talks about how motherhood is everything in one breath and then talks about escaping it in another. But then, maybe I'm just jealous.

. . . . .
Marilyn wants a nanny and a vacation.

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Ugh. Please. I am SO tired of celebs whining about how hard it is to parent with so. much. help. I am a parent. I take care of my child myself during the day. And yes, there are challenges. It can be "hard". But do I whine about how hard it is? Nope. Because comparatively, I have it pretty good. There are single moms out there juggling multiple children, while working, going to school, etc. And they don't have nannies (YES! Imagine that! No. Nannies.) THAT's hard. All you everyday moms out there? Who spend your days taking care of your kids and no one writes an article about how hard YOUR jobs are? Rock. On. You are awesome.
Shut up, Katherine Heigl. You are lucky, is what you are.


She ought to live a day of my life to see how good she's got it. Single, working (2 jobs), mom of 2 boys (5 & 14). Nanny? Help? SERIOUSLY?? What a nitwit - of COURSE it's hard! That's IN the job description! But is it worth it? Every. Single. Day.

Bite me, Heigl.


Judge much, folks? I've never been a celebrity, with PA's and hairstylists and other professional people to keep me happy and beautiful. But I do remember the shock of having my first, and realizing that I couldn't drop everything and go to Starbucks on a whim ever again. Everyone tells you your life will never be the same, but the reality is so much more than that. No matter who you are, apparently, or the kind of help you have. (Which I would take in a heartbeat if I could. Ditto for a weekend in Napa. Alas, the only thing I share with KH is a postbaby anxiety attack.) She doesn't sound whiny to me - just honest.

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