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Katy Perry to Lady Gaga: Blasphemy Isn't Entertainment

Katy-perry  Lady Gaga described the "Alejandro" video as a celebration of her "love and respect for the gay community." Per a tweet she sent out last week shortly after its release, newly appointed mother superior Katy Perry just might be calling it blasphemy.

Specifically, Katy's tweet said, um, "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke." 

I don't know when Katy Perry stopped bothering me with "I Kissed a Girl" (sorry, man. That song drove me CRAZY) and became the arbiter of morality and truth and religion. But first of all, she fails at analogies. And second of all, two words relative to her second point: 

Russell Brand. Even Papa Smurf Perez Hilton says that Russell AND Katy tell fart jokes ALL of the time, and that Katy should have left out the "cheap" slam, because that was not Smurf-okay. 


Actually, it turns out that Katy was raised by two pastor parents and says she grew up fairly sheltered from pop music. And okay, okay. So Gaga is dressed in a red latex habit in this video, and she puts a rosary in her mouth and there are crucifixes present while men engage in prolonged physical contact. Madonna comparisons -- to "Like a Prayer" especially -- abound. 

I don't know but really, the imagery herein is not new news, and if people are looking not to be shocked -- especially people within the music industry, who should have a fairly high bar for such things at this point -- I'd say stay away from the Gaga. 

I wish I could, really, but Fame Monster has been on repeat in my brain since the first time I listened to it. My primary concern about "Alejandro" is that it's replaced "Bad Romance" as my most persistent earworm in forever, such that the mental soundtrack to my life is "A-Le-Jan-Dro. A-Le-Jan-Dro. A-LE-A-LE-JAN-DRO-A-LE-A-LE-HANNNNNNN-DROOOOOOO." 

But I'm a lapsed Catholic and you know how we are. Worse than ex-smokers, even.



 . . . . .
Laurie is all "don't call me Gaga."

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When she tweeted that, I thought she was talking about the mtv movie awards. I had no idea people think it was directed toward Lady Gaga, nothing in her twitter message points to her that I can see.


Oh god I had that song stuck in my head all weekend. I was finally free of its evil clutches but now it's back! Curse you!

Sarah Lena

IT'S ACE OF BASS! THE SONG IS TOTALLY "DON'T TURN AROUND"! Drives me bonkers. I had hoped THAT'S what Katy Perry was talking about. Blasphemy, Ace of Bass style. :)


Sarah Lena - THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who thought the comparison to Ace of Bass!

Blashemous video? Eh. I liked it better when it was done by Madonna.

Suzy Q

Ace of Base. Argh.


Thank God (and Papa Smurf) that I'm not the only one who hears Ace of Base in that song!!


mmmkay, so I am out of the country and hadn't seen the video. I gotta say I get a vaguely creepy Gestapo-ish vibe from the marching guys and the black leather suits and all. But other than that, it seems to be very "gender is solely a construct; take that bitches." Isn't that a raison d'etre of Gaga?

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