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Kendra Wilkinson Has a Damn Good Post Baby Body Too

Kendra-wilkinsonKendra Wilkinson is one of those people who are famous for reasons I don't quite understand; however I have to admit that reading what Kendra has to say about her post-baby body, is a refreshing change from what some other super skinny famous folk spout.

Kendra Wilkinson, possibly best known for being one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on The Girls Next Door, gave birth to her son, Hank Baskett IV in December. Unlike Gisele Bundchen, she wasn't posing for swimsuit ads two months later, but I think she's looking pretty darn good myself. 


Kendra recently told People, that she was shocked "big-time" that she was no longer a size 2 after her pregnancy.

“It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the mirror. About two months ago, I stopped making excuses. It’s time to get out there and really bust my ass like I used to. I was so used to being fit and skinny, I never had to lose weight until now. I want my muscle back–I don’t want anything jiggling."

Although I was never, ever, ever, a size 2, I admit that it's nice to hear about a celebrity admitting they need to work out hard to look good. 


Of course, this is the ex-girlfriend of the original PlayBoy, so her version of exercise is a little different than mine. In addition to her daily one-hour workouts she also said:

"We didn’t have my stripper pole in my house ever since I gave birth, now we’re going hang it up. I feel sexy again.”

Right...now where did I put my stripper pole?



. . . . .
Marilyn still needs to hit the treadmill.

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I love Kendra. I can't help it. She's been so incredibly real about her post-baby experience... to hell with Gisele and what she thinks. Kendra's c-section-after-hours-of-labor and following struggle to put down the cookies and get fit again are way more real to me. She's pretty awesome.


I love that last picture of her, in the yellow yoga suit. She looks... dare I say it?



Kendra used to get on my nerves, until I accidentally watched her show and realized that she was still poofy after having her baby and that she was stressed about it. Now I know that she's human.

Mama Bub

I've always been mildly annoyed by Kendra, and the opening credits on her show, but I love how real, and as Jerseygirl says, poofy she was after baby.


Yeah, she won me over. I sincerely hope she has her 'happily ever after'.

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