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Lady Gaga Attends Her Sister's High School Graduation

Picture 122Gaga From The Block went to her younger sister's graduation from the Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York City yesterday. She went the thoughtful route, making sure that attention wouldn't be pulled away from the ceremony and the graduates and her sister's accomplishments oh who am I kidding she looked like a lacy Ziploc bag of chicken attending a funeral.

She's probably texting something like, "OMG do u think nuns here saw me deep throat a rosary in Alejandro video? AWKWARD. LOL."


This girl's mom is like, "Yeeeeah, I'm sorry I gave you crap about wearing bright purple shoes. You look totally fine."


Though perhaps her grandma is just happy to see young ladies wearing hats again?

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That was really unfair to do that to her sister. I also wish she'd throw those shoes out, they are hideous.


Ah-Ha! So that is where my grandmother's lace tablecloth disappeared to! We've been looking for it for ages!


You think she wakes up everyday thinking, "Thank god for my unique ability to accessorize!"

Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

Wow! I'm so glad I was at the graduation down the block otherwise our outfits would have totally been duplicated. AWKWARD!


i'm sure her sister didn't care but,she should've took a day off.


But, more importantly, how do those shoes work??


Yes, must know more about the gravity defying tricks of those shoes!


ooo...I shattered my ankle falling off shoes that were WAY SAFER than those. Those shoes freak me out...especially since her pants reach a foot past her toes. Flashbacks to my days on crutches *shudder*


She is text. Texting while walking in those shoes. I can't text and walk in BARE FEET.


She is a freak every day of the week. She couldn't take one day off? Geez Louise. Talk about an attention hog.

Bitchin' Amy

OMG. Those are the same fugly shoes she was wearing in Berlin... only we now know that she owns a pair in black AND white. Ew, ew, ew.

Maybe she got her sister wicked awesome Astin Martin or super-luxe hybrid Lexus to make up for it? I'd forgive her!


At first I thought she was doing three things at once, flipping the cameras the bird, walking in those "shoes" and texting, but really, it was only two of the three. I'm disappointed.

Suzy Q

I've just lost some respect for her for wearing that ridiculous outfit to her sister's graduation. Way to make it ALL ABOUT YOU, Gaga.

cindy w

Ok, I admit that some of her music is catchy and yes, and even my 3 year-old likes to dance to her songs. But OMG this woman is ridiculous. Seriously.


I prefer to give Gaga the benefit of the doubt and assume that if she was a thoughtless, uncaring and attention whoring jerk, she likely would not have bothered attending at all. Why waste her time at a highschool graduation, after all. I prefer to assume that she dressed as herself, and knew that her sister would be ok with that or even be proud to have her crazy famous awesome sister there supporting her. Call me Pollyanna. I don't mind.


Lady Gaga looks pretty toned down. I don't know how she can see out of the weird black veil or walk in heel-less shoes but I think she looked almost normal...in a Gaga-esque kind of way.

Katie Kat

Ummmmmmmmm, yeah. She should have toned it down just a HAIR. I'm sure her sister knew she'd show up like this though, so whatevs!

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