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Breaking-Bench Warrant Issued For Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay-Lohan Lindsay Lohan's court ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet, called a SCRAM device, was triggered Sunday evening during an MTV Movie Awards after party. Judge Marsha Revel has just issued a bench warrant for her arrest because of it.

Bail has been forfeited for the previous hearing.  The new bail has been set at $200,000.  There are 5 violations, according to the judge.

Drinking or tampering with the device could case an alarm.  Maybe she tampered with the device because she wanted to drink?  Another explanation is that someone spilled a drink on her, since the SCRAM checks for traces of alcohol in the wearer's perspiration.


She could face jail time if the judge finds she violated the conditions of her bail – which include abstaining from alcohol and submitting to random drug testing.  Lindsay was due back in court on July 6th for a violation of probation hearing.

Her attorney has not commented.

This is a developing story and we will update as new information comes in.

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This poor girl needs intensive rehab and therapy. Putting someone in this kind of shape on the street with a monitoring device is hopefully a step in that direction, because I just don't see incarceration as a useful end point here. Sad, just really really sad.

Fawn Amber

I disagree. I think incarceration is just the wake up call she needs. Throw her ass in jail for a month or two.

jen from boston

Really wishing I had gone to law school, because I simply do not comprehend why, after violation after violation (of laws or probation terms or bail terms), she gets to post bail YET AGAIN. I thought a pos. drug test or SCRAM report would be a ticket to jail. I thought this was her "last chance". Color me stupid.

I don't know if rehab works for a person who does not believe they have a problem. "I"m 23 - I'm young...I should be allowed to go out with my friends." Esp. if it's court-ordered. It's just going thru the motions at that point. And considering some of these rehabs are similar to a spa (or spa-like setting- "oh no, not rehab in Mailbuuuu"), I'd prefer her seeing jailtime. She needs to know what "Accountability for your actions" feels like. Honestly, I'm surprised she hasn't blamed the BP oil spill on her monitor going off.

Her appearance at the MTV Awards show, and post-party scene, shows her complete lack of awareness (of herself or her legal issues). My brother, who has substance issues, says "yah, you go to a barbershop enough times, you're gonna get a haircut." I say to him, "then why on earth on you in a f&cking barbershop if you don't want a haircut??" This girl can't chill for 6 weeks?

That said her tweets are pretty entertaining. I wonder what she'll think of them when she's older.


*sigh* Is this really how a bankrupt state should be spending its nonexistent resources? There's got to be a more efficient way of dealing with this stuff. (Or maybe this back and forth is still cheaper than prison.)


What is she even DOING at a party?? Sit that girl on the couch and give her a netflix account.

If she was committed to recovery, she wouldn't still be going out. If she's not committed, she's not going to recover. Just let her do her jail time, then let her out so she can drink herself to death.

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