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Madonna and Lourdes Debut Fashion Line Sketches

Madonna-and-lourdes Nothing like celebrating the 25th anniversary of a song like giving it its very own namesake clothing line. 

That's what Madonna and daughter Lourdes seem to be banking on anyway, as sketches were released yesterday for their joint fashion venture for Macy's, Material Girl. 

The line of lacy, frilly, potentially leather and denimy clothing will be available in time for back to school, saving moms everywhere the trouble of digging through their old boxes of 80s stuff so they can shell out the money for updated versions of the same.

The collection includes options like "a tutu dress and studded-combat boots, or an oversized boyfriend sweatshirt with a floral print mini skirt," likely unlike anything Madonna is wearing here. 


I'm not sure what happened to the whole "Madonna wants her daughter to dress more conservatively" thing, but it's apparently game on for '80s-inspired styles and short skirts. This clothing will have no Louis Vuitton-level price point, that's for sure, with clothing, jewelry, purses and shoes ranging from $10 - $40.

This is back to school? Don't look at me. I wore uniforms for 12 years. Also, Lourdes is 13. 


And this is straight up Borderline, right here. Damn, I love that song. 


Again, back to school? Just wondering. Also I totally had those earrings. My earlobe is still sort of torn. They were heavy.

"I really like the way Lola dresses," Madonna said in a statement, "and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste."

Look familiar? 




. . . . .

Laurie thinks Material Girl is one of the dumbest songs ever recorded.

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Suzy Q

If soem other kid did this, Madonna would sue for copyright infringement.


My best friend's 14-year-old daughter goes to one of those performing arts magnet schools, and this is EXACTLY how all the kids there dress.

cindy w

Of course Madonna likes the way her daughter dresses. The kid is wearing her mom's old clothes!


Wow. 13 year old me would be dying for those clothes (that my parents would never in a million years have bought for me). Mind you that was quite some time ago so...

I'm ready for the 80s resurgence to be over. can it be over now please?


Just when I start to feel hemmed-in by our very rural community, Madonna busts out with something that makes me feel happy that kids here are pretty into Wranglers and button-front shirts. Thanks, Madonna. Anything that makes my 13 year old need to consider grooming her pubes has just gone too far. I probably should thank Miley too.
Although...somewhere in the deep recesses of a box in the back of a storage unit there are rumors of fingerless lace gloves and a belt that says (dear GOD) "Boy Toy." Let's just tell my daughter that was Halloween. Yeah.
I keep waiting for grunge to come back. Yikes!

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