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Reader Submission: RHoNY's Kelly Hates Bullying

KellyBensimon1-192x300 Oh, there is very little else that gives me the same flow of bonding hormones like a reader writing to me and saying, "Here, I saw this crazy video of Kelly on YouTube and it made me think of you!"  Soul mates, we are.

Amazing reader Nanette emailed me after we spent a glorious afternoon debating whether or not Sonja Morgan was pretty .. to which we finally settled on "if you squint your eyes and tilt your head and you're not getting great cable reception and the lighting is low, she's actually quite pretty".. and clued me in on this little gem posted on YouTube by RHoNY's resident whackjob, Kelly Bensimon.

Here, before I delve, I'll let you watch:

I KNOW, RIGHT?  Where to begin dissecting the crazy that abounds here?

Kelly-bensimon-bikini Well, first of all, I think it's pretty brave of her to step up and stand up for something that none of us knew about.  I didn't know "systematic bullying" was indeed a cause, but now I feel informed about this.  Remember, if you see four people ganging up on one person, help that one person.  They're doing it systematically, which is what is wrong with it.  Had it been helter-skelter bullying, or bullying thru chaos?  Perfectly fine, nothing to see here, move along please.  But because it was systematic, we should be overly concerned.

In fact, now I feel damn empowered about this cause!  It uses a BIG word for something so commonplace.  Systematic.  It MUST be serious with that kind of phonetics involved.  We should start selling tshirts with all proceeds dedicated to ending this type of torture.

Perhaps .. maybe even .. a twibbon.  That is the ULTIMATE sign of non-committed support.

A oompa-loompa colored twibbon, with one big Twibbon overcoming four other smaller, flashier twibbons.  I think that would get the point across nicely.

Okay, I think I've conveyed enough sarcasm here.  Kelly, I'm sorry the other girls were mean to you when you went into your psychotic episode.  If they had acted appropriately, they would have pinned you down and make sure you bit down on a wallet to keep from swallowing your own tongue.

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whole bucket of crazy...

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I think there needs to be a whole Kelly BenSimon channel, because I cannot get enough of her.

I spend many episodes of RHONY wondering whether Sonja is pretty or not. And wondering why her lips are the way they are.


Kelly needs to learn when to stop talking. Holy crap. That video just made her seem MORE crazy, if that is even possible. Wow. Delusional much?


Maybe she'll do more follow-up "PSAs" for bullying episodes with 3-on-1 or 5-on-1 or 3-on-2.

Such a whackadoo.


So harassment is okay, like when Kelly tells Bethenny "you're a cook not a chef" and telling everyone she can't sleep b/c Bethenny is going to come into her room & kill her with a butcher knife and that Bethenny attacked her girls in the tabloids? Just trying to clarify.


Ooh, also forgot about Kelly harassing Alex by telling her she had Kabuki make-up and was channeling the devil.

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