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Ross is Looking a Little Rough

Picture 133 We now know, if Ross had been given the spin-off instead of Joey, what his post-Friends plotline would have looked like. Ross moves to Brooklyn, becomes insufferable hipster, wacky haircut shenanigans ensue.

David Schwimmer at the Public Theatre's Annual Gala NYC
The thing is, David Schwimmer is a DIRECTOR now, so I think that's supposed to make this okay.

Picture 130

Schwimmer and his fiancee Zoe Buckman attended the Public Theatre's Annual Gala in New York City on Monday night. He looked a little less than Gala-level fabulous, but again SEEERIUS DIRRRECTORE.

Picture 132

Schwimmer directed Run, Fatboy, Run, which I caught on cable a couple months ago and actually more than semi-enjoyed, though I will watch Simon Pegg in ANYTHING. 

Schwimmer's next film is called Trust and stars Clive Owen and Catherine Keener. Who I will also watch in anything. So perhaps I should take him seriously as a director. I don't know what to think now. DAMN YOU SCHWIMMER, WHY MUST YOU MAKE IT SO HARD TO SIMPLY SNARK ON YOUR HAIR AND BE DONE WITH YOU? WHY?


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I love David, I do, I really do, so I am not saying this to be mean or snarky... But doesn't he look a little ill? Sleep-deprived maybe? Malnutrioned?

Maybe his whippersnapper girl there won't let him sleep due to sexual shannenigans. Shennanigans? I don't know.


The Beiber hair does NOT look good on a dopey eyed 40 something. And I liked Run Fatboy Run but I know I wouldn't have if anyone other than Mr. Pegg was in it. The Schwimmer has a good eye for casting, that's for sure.


OT: One needs a flesh-toned brassiere or camisole under that top.

Suzy Q

I thought that was Jessica Alba at first.


I loved Run, Fatboy, Run. Good movie, Mr. Schwimmer. HOWEVER...the hair! No no. His head is shaped funny. Also, her pants? No.

Maxine Dangerous

He needs a nap. And some new shoes. Hate the hair but I'd probably be equally hateful towards a continued Ross hairstyle with the shiny gelfulness some six years later, so... :)


Bieber hair was the first thing that came to my mind too!
Alright, I did like Run, Fatboy, Run. And will probably like Tryst, as I also like those actors.
And while I understand that when one is a Serious Director one has no need of a stylist, I think an iron should be on the must-have list. The Pulled My Pants Out Of The Laundry Pile look doesn't help anybody. And why (WHY?!) did his fiancee not catch that? My husband would wear socks with flip-flops were I not here to go, "No. Just...no."

The hair...eh, I forgive him for. Don't we women do anything we can to look younger as we age? I think that's probably where he is going with that...


Dangit. TRUST, I meant Trust. Sigh. It's late. Clearly I should be in bed and have no business commenting on anything.


Is it just me or in that last picture does he look like a ventriloquist and Zoe Buckman is his dummy, I'm sure that hand around her waist is fake ... He should change her facial expressions between pictures also.

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