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Salma Hayek's Snake-Induced Freak-Out

Salma-hayek I kind of wish Salma Hayek had screamed "I've had it with these motherf*ckin' snakes on this motherf*ckin' publicity tour!" But screaming incoherently works, too. Watch the video of her clawing her way over a co-star to get away from a snake that happened along during an interview and I dare you not to laugh.

While being interviewed by "Extra" for their upcoming movie Grown Ups, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello and Maya Rudolph were interrupted when a snake slithered through the outdoor publicity set.  All the actresses and the interviewer, Terri Seymour, jumped up in alarm (as one would expect when a large snake suddenly appears).  Salma Hayek, however, has a full-on freak-out, climbing onto Maya Rudolph's chair -in her stilettos!- and almost onto Rudolph's head.  An assistant comes over to carry her away, which she recovers enough to say thank you to,  but before that moment she sounds like she is really going to lose it.

It sounds terrible, but it is hilarious. Trust me, watch the video.

If a snake slithered by me, I think I would react most like Maria Bello: terror and surprise, then laughter at the absurdity of the situation. I definitely would not have been able to stay as cool as Maya Rudolph (her sitting in the chair while Salma wraps herself around her head is classic) .  How would you have handled it?


. . . . .
Bitchin' Amy reserves her special freak-outs for spiders.

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Katie Kat

I saw this this morning and about fell out of my chair! HILARIOUS! I have no problem with snakes, so I would have probably gone over to see it closer. If anything, I would have just gotten up and moved away. Salma's freakout is just too dang funny, and kudos to Maya Rudolph (who is adorable) for not tossing Salma in the drink behind them!

Also, it's funny because in the movie "Dusk Til Dawn" Salma does a very sexy dance with a HUGE snake draped around her neck. THAT must have been the hardest thing she's ever done!

Fawn Amber

OMG that is the funniest thing I've seen all day....


The poor chick they were standing on! Yeah, it's fine if the snake gets you, but for the love of everything, don't let it get me!!!! I would have thrown out at least one GET OFF ME.

Angela in Ontario

That is what actual honest-to-goodness fear looks like, right there.


Well, I'm not afraid of snakes, but if it were a spider, I'd probably have jumped over the railing headfirst. So I can't really laugh too hard, since her reaction is the picture of serenity compared to what I do around spiders. Even the itty-bitty ones.

But yes, it was still pretty funny.


I don't really have a fear of snakes. I've held 6 foot pythons at a friends house so I'd probably be like Maya Rudolph, who really got the short end of the stick with both Salma and Maria trying to climb on her. I mean Gawd, it's not like it was a spider. :)


Really? I mean, seriously. The movie is called GROWN UPS. She had to be CARRIED OFF SET? I would've flung her over the rail myself if she crawled on me like that tho.


Selma is REALLY agile in those stilettos. She can climb on shit? I can't even walk in those.


Poor woman. I am like that with rodents, and that scream is full-on terror. I get it.

Fairly Odd Mother

Please tell me someone got a photo of that snake. It'll be funnier if it turns out to be a little garter snake.

But, I do love how she can climb and balance on the arm of a chair in those heels. Impressive.


Ummmm...where was the cameraman? I assume he was actually closer to the snake, if it was heading their way. Yet he remained composed enough to keep filming their freak-out?


My Mom has a full-on snake phobia, and Selma clearly does, too. That was complete and utter fear; I actually feel really bad for her. I'm glad to see she was laughing about it at the end of the clip. (That was her on the left, yes?)
I don't have a paralyzing fear, but am one step down - fully conscious of my freak out - so I probably would have jumped over the railing into the water below.


I can't laugh. I totally did that to my husband when I was 7 months pregnant. It was a garter snake, which does not make it any less terrifying.


thank you. that was awesome.

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