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Suri Cruise Has an iPad? Sure She Does.

Tom-cruise-katie-holmes-suri-cruise  People seem to be freaking out a little that Suri Cruise played with an iPad at dinner with her parents this week.

And to this I say "Why?" And maybe yawn.  

Say what you will about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (I have said plenty, please join me) but there is no disputing the fact that this family is loaded. 


I have an iPod and an iPhone, and am distinctly not wealthy. And no, I am not four years old, but my friends' children are pretty wired too. They have iPod Touches and play games on their parents' iPhones and are generally hooked up in the electronics department. Suri allegedly put aside her stuffed animals to draw on the iPad, according to people who were probably just jealous that it wasn't theirs. 

I'm projecting again. 

Topping out at $900 for the fastest version, an iPad seems like a fairly reasonable gadget for the Holmes-Cruises. 

Crolmes? Huises?

Tom Cruise alone is worth millions of dollars. Possible gajillions, who knows. And Katie works all of the time too. Anyway, they could all have an iPad, and a brand new G4 iPhone and -- and-- no, I will not wish for one second that Tom Cruise was my dad because that would just be weird, but I can only imagine Conor Cruise's gadget collection if he's into computers. 

Now, there may be a Scientology app and that would be disturbing. I don't want to know. But I simply don't find it that odd that a family with their means would give a child a shiny new -- albeit upscale -- toy (because surely to her it is a toy) if she was bored at dinner. Really, how exciting could that conversation be? 


. . . . .
Laurie officially really wants an iPad. 

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or she was playing with her mom or dad's ipad while she was bored at the restaurant. I will give my kid just about ANYTHING to keep him quiet in public. I don't see the big deal, either.


I too am distinctly non-wealthy, but have an iPad that my just-turned-two-year-old plays with all the time. Supervised, of course, but we bought it so that she and I would both be entertained on a couple of long road trips and it does so much more than a portable DVD player (that was our other option). It seems reasonable to me!


Okay, I'm poor as dirt compared to those two and I have an iPad. That my 20 month old has played with some. My 8 year old has an iTouch. My middle child will get one in a month for her 6th birthday. It just isn't that big of a deal.

I agree though, the people who are making it a big deal? Probably wish they had an iPad. You have to figure Katie has shoes more expensive that the iPad.

cindy w

My 3 year-old plays with my husband's iPad and my iPhone all the time. If it keeps her happy so we can all get through a meal in peace? Hoo-freaking-ray for that. I don't see the big deal here either.


I've only seen one iPad in person and it belongs to a 4th grader I see at my son's speech therapy office. So if he has one, then Suri Cruise can have one.


Anybody else notice that Katie Holmes NEVER looks happy in pics these days?


That might not be good for the brain. We got my kid one of those portable DVD players. And it broke. And that was a good thing, I think.

I try to keep my kid off any screens until the weekend. Sometimes I slip up on that. Then, I try to keep her busy during the weekend. Of course, I want to just lie around and let her burn out her mind on TV and sugar.

My evidence? What it does to me and my brain...


I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't think it was weird that Suri Cruise was playing on an iPad. Kids play on computers all the time - my daughter sat on my lap when she was 18 months old and played Sesame Street games.


I'll say one thing about this family. They take their little girl out with them all the time. Katie Holmes is constantly pictured doing things with her little girl, unlike a lot of celebrities who are constantly pictured partying and dining it up with nary a sight of their children. So she played with a $900 gadget to entertain herself at dinner, big effing hurray. I have been known to let my 3 and 5 year old play with my work computer at restaurants or doctors' waiting rooms if there is nothing to entertain them with. And my super-loaded work MacPro cost more than 3K.


I often find the Cruise's obnoxious. But for this one, anything to make things easier while eating dinner, you do it!



If I could afford it.... my daughter and I would both have our own iPads.

Bitchin' Amy

Those first comments made me feel like the cheapest parent that ever lived. I can afford to give my kids iPod Touches but I wouldn't dream of buying them something that nice (and fragile) unless they proved they could take care of it or earned it.

That said: I am a selfish person who is not above buying her son a netbook for Christmas because *I* really wanted one (and b/c they were super on sale for Black Friday). So... Pffttttppp!

P.S. IF I had an iPad, I would let my kids use it at restaurants, too.


If I were worth gajillions of dollars, my 3-year-old and 8-year-old would have iPads. Because sometimes it's just nice to have a little QUIET.

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