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The Fall of Lady Gaga

Gaga-falls-1  I was wondering when this would happen. I mean, it was an inevitability. You wear enough gravity defying shoes, sooner or later, you're gonna fall on your face:

Chaps and stilts - the obvious ensemble for air travel.

Oopsy Daisy!


And she's okay, folks! 

However, it looks as though she's caught on her...leather cape? Whatever it is, it looks like another spill waiting to happen.

I know I usually tell celebs to consider pants, but in this case, I'm going to say to you, Gaga: CONSIDER FLATS.

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Mighty Hunter

Plus, isn't she, like, not short anyway?

Also, I thought your were burnt out on Lady Gaga.


This is how I broke my ankle in 4 places. Those shoes are a bad idea.


did not a sole reach out to help her up?..shes just all face down not a single out stretched hand or person kneeling to check on her--she turned that ankle pretty good and that one dude is even just watching her stumble..WTF LG surround yourself with people who CARE


I'm torn between feeling her ankle's pain and giggling a little.

Major Bedhead

It does look like someone is reaching out to help her in that 3rd picture. At least, it looks like an arm to me.

As much as I like her music, her shoes make me want to yell "You are going to have bunions and hammer toes soon, honey!" Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't long to wear yoga pants and a t-shirt out in public. All that FASHION exhausts me.

cindy w

Ok, I laughed. I'm a horrible person. I just think she's freaking ridiculous.


Oh, I definitely laughed. Mildly guiltily, sure, but I definitely laughed :P


Is the leather supposed to bunch up like that? I mean, it's one thing to look ridiculous, but slovenly too? It's too much.


Ridonkulous. Hell no. However, you can't say she's not committed to the show, man. I mean, you're really going for it when you're wearing thigh-high giant platform boots to the airport.


I'd PAY to be behind her in the security line while she's trying to wrestle those bitches off. I can only imagine a TSA dude grabbing her by the pits while another one pulls off her shoes. Awesome.

However, I feel bad for anyone who falls in public. Doesn't matter who you are - it sucks.


CindyW - we are kindred spirits.


Me? I zoomed in on those snazzy black and white spectator oxfords. That's how I roll. Retro and comfy. Also? Arch support is a good thing. But I do covet the leather cape.

Sarah Lena

Did anyone mention how her assistant/security/guard or whatever in the last picture has enough bags under his eyes to have to pay to fly with it?


LOL, Jennifer. Also, I'm assuming she had to take the chaps/waist-cape off to go through the metal detector.


EXACTLY, Major Bedhead! Looking at all that fashion just makes me tired. I mean, I appreciate her dedication but Jeebus! I can barely walk in flats! The pic of the fall itself didn't really make me laugh that much. It's the last one with the crazy leather cape thingy wrapped around the boot about 18 times that gets me. Cause it's like, foreshadowing and stuff. Also, in the pic you can totally see herself mentally dusting herself off and telling herself, "Work it, bitch!! Just make it to the car!"


Agree with Jennifer on all counts. How embarrassing! One minute you're all "Yeah, you want to be me, bitches." The next it's "Damn, hope nobody saw that!"

Katie Kat

That's PRICELESS! At least she got her strut back... wonder if she'll ever wear those again?

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