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Adam-lambert-1 Sometimes, I just like to kick off everyone's weekend with the knowledge that karma is, indeed, a tough little cookie.  And everything that goes around, comes around.  And everything old becomes new again.  And apparently Boy George will be reincarnated into Adam Lambert. Pics after the jump.

I just .. I'm very torn about this.

Adam Lambert, whom I love dearly for all of the right reasons (he's a freaking musical GENIUS), is a bit of a Twitter fan.  He loves it.  Which is great for his adoring fans. (Like moi!)

But .. so ..

He posted this for all of us on Thursday:


And yes.  So.  There ya go.

Here's why I'm torn: he looks GORGEOUS.  But in a Boy George way, and I don't want him ending up like a failed musical on Broadway.  His makeup is stunning, but honey, you're not in a drag show.  But mostly, I just want to know where I can get some sparkly stripey thing to put on the side of my face cause I got places to go this weekend and I think that's JUST what my relaxed chinos have been missing.

Gentle readers, what say ye of Adam's "Glam Nation Glam", as he calls it?

Next big thing, or saw that fifteen years ago when we all sang about a chameleon?

Photos: Source1 and Source2

Sarah Lena thinks Adam is a bit more of an autumn than the palette he chose here.

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Michelle Baum

I think Adam should make the focus his music and less his, um, proclivities. He's creative, he's gorgeous, I love him. BUT, I like his music more. I love Johnny Weir for his crazy glam-ness. Adam, please, the music, man!


I appreciate that he's looking less like Sharon Osbourne. However, I do see this veering strongly into Boy George territory.


embrace the theater background... I am really looking forward to what he does after the evil clutches of AI go away.


I loved BG back in the day. I love Adam. I totally don't want to see him go down this road, but I would never stifle his artistic creativity so if he wants to stick that vajazelling patch on his face so be it, I wonder if he knows he can pejazzel? Shit he probably invented it, never mind.


Boy George didn't go downhill because he wore makeup. The two facts have nothing to do with each other. Lord knows plenty of male stars have gone the same way without the help of eyeliner.


15 years? I'm sad to count them up, but I think Karma Chameleon was closer to 25 years ago. :-(


I think it's great. He's made it pretty clear he loves not only being creative with music, but also with the fashion of it. Why should he stifle any of it? To me, he's a breath of fresh air in an overly label-driven musical landscape. Let him glam it up - that pic might look like Boy George, but I'm betting you the next one won't. He'll glam it up in a different way.


As my gay boyfriend, Adam can wear whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He's so pretty.... *sigh*

And yeah, I don't see the style effecting the music. He's awesome and he'd be awesome no matter what he wore.

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