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WTF ARE YOU WEARING, Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Maggie-gyllenhaal  Man, I have seen some pretty heinous jumpsuits since they came back into fashion despite the many protests made by those of us with any sense. I have a theory that, as the popularity of cocaine use rises, so does the delusion that having your shirt attached to your pants is a good idea. But even the most coked up fashionista should take exception to this:

Seriously, Maggie Gyllenhaal, WTF are you wearing? You look like you got your outfit from the Bea Arthur estate sale. There is not one good thing about this look—the color, the wrinkles around your crotch, the off-the-shoulder...whatever that is. I dunno, is it a table runner? I give up.

Please kindly ask your stylist to lay off the Bolivian marching powder the next time you're preparing for a red carpet appearance. 

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cindy w

While I agree that it's ugly, I'm pretty sure I've seen Maggie Gyllenhaal wear uglier clothes. She has her very own sense of style that I absolutely cannot even begin to comprehend.


I have such a crush on Maggie but oh honey .... noooooooo ..... not a good look.


That outfit looks like it was sewed together out of hotel restaurant napkins.

Sherry Carr-Smith

@shmutzie Yes, napkins, but the fancy ones you pay extra for because they are shiny and patterned and a color. Classy.


Obviously this is the newest thing in post-partum fashion. It has a built in nursing cover!

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