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June 25, 2010

Hot or Not? KStew at Twilight Saga: Eclipse Premiere

Kristen-stewart-eclipse-premiere-1  I am utterly torn, kids. On the one hand, Kristen Stewart is ACTUALLY SMILING for once. This is, like, stop-the-presses level shit here, and I kind of want to tell her she looks amazing just so she'll maybe lose the sullen scowl she's become so known for. On the other hand, there's this dress she's wearing. And it's kind of...I dunno, confusing? 


June 23, 2010

Ross is Looking a Little Rough

Picture 133 We now know, if Ross had been given the spin-off instead of Joey, what his post-Friends plotline would have looked like. Ross moves to Brooklyn, becomes insufferable hipster, wacky haircut shenanigans ensue.


June 16, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt Diets, Tells Girls to Love Their Bodies

Actress_jennifer-love-hewitt  Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to know that although she would trade bodies with Gisele Bundchen in a heartbeat, you? You should love the skin you're in. 


June 11, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Supposedly Dating SNL's Jason Sudeikis?

Jennifer-aniston-cherry  Jennifer Aniston's role in The Bounty Hunter may have led to a love match, but not with co-star Gerard Butler as everyone in the world seemed to speculate. 

Her new man instead? Irresponsible rumormongerers everywhere are saying it's Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock actor Jason Sudeikis. 


June 10, 2010

Katherine Heigl Needs To Have a Serious Talk With Her Stylist

Katherine_heigl  A lot of people like to hate on Katherine Heigl. Frankly, I have no opinion on her supposed bitchiness. So what if she is? Bitches get shit done. Furthermore, I think all the haters who say she looks better blond should step to the left. Look, guys, the darker color is not the problem. The problem is that her hair stylist is CLEARLY ON DRUGS that prevent him/her from doing good hair. Observe:


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