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June 22, 2010

Jack White Doesn't Want Your Teddy Bears

Jack-white-doesnt-like-stuffed-animals Jack White has a request for his fans and it involves creatures of the stuffed variety


June 21, 2010

Dina Lohan Has an Ice Cream Meltdown

Dina-lohan Only in the Lohan family can a trip to the ice cream store result in a dispute that requires four police cars and several "official statements" to resolve. 

Keep raising the bar, Lohan family.


Frightening Hook Up Alert: Gerard Butler and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay-lohan-gerard-butler-hookup Walking herpe Lindsay Lohan may not have set off her Scram bracelet, but she did get Gerard Butler so drunk that he forgot she was... well, Lindsay Lohan. I'm sure he did it for Sparta.


June 15, 2010

Heidi Moves in With Former Housemate?

D928cb8bc4d8422a84fbe949c6ca666d_heidi_montag-5370To all the haters who think we report on Speidi too much .. it's like crack.  I wish I could quit them.  But I deserve my own episode of Intervention regarding the addiction, but then Heidi goes and does stuff like this and don't you NEED TO KNOW?! (Yes, of course you do.)


June 11, 2010

Breaking Down Teresa's Overwhelming Debt

Realpreghouse270-thumb-270x270  I don't know how to feel about Miss "Skinny Italian" Teresa here.  In the first season, I kind of thought her to be a ditz.  I mean, who REQUESTS that their multi-million dollar home have inlaid-onyx?  You were just asking to be made into a bobble-head doll there, babe.


June 07, 2010

Elton John Sang at Rush Limbaugh's Wedding

Elton_john_70s  Rush Limbaugh, 59,  joyfully celebrated the sanctity of the sacred institution of holy sacred matrimony for the fourth time on Friday, marrying 33-year-old Kathryn Rogers. I hope you remembered to send a gift. 


June 02, 2010

Drugs Lindsay Drugs Lohan Drugs Drugs Drugs

Lindsay-lohan-scram-bracelet Lindsay continues to have the most loophole-filled probation ever. This time she's getting a pass to take prescription painkillers after a dentist appointment.


June 01, 2010

Tiki Barber Banned From Delivery Room When Estranged Wife Gives Birth

Tiki-Barber Well, I guess this is what happens when you dump your wife, who is 8 months pregnant with twins, for a 23 year old intern at NBC, Traci Lynn Johnson.  You end up standing outside the room when the babies are born.  Like Tiki Barber. 


May 29, 2010

In News that Will Surprise Few: Heidi Montag Separates from Spencer Pratt [UPDATED]

SpeidiIt's the end of an era. Well, more like a phase, actually, like the teenage years that your parents refuse to discuss because it's just "water under the bridge" and why would you want to bring that up anyway??


May 27, 2010

50 Cent Encourages Aspiring Anorexics All Over the Globe

Picture 8 50 Cent can now show young people that, yes, anorexia does really work!


May 26, 2010

In Shocking Twist, Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Dio Funeral

Ronnie-james-dio-horns-small  Showing a continuing hatred and misunderstanding of everything, the Westboro Baptist Church and worst person in the world Fred Phelps plan to picket Ronnie James Dio's memorial service Sunday. Or as they call him, "the dead brute Dio."

Not nice. 


May 25, 2010

Avril Lavigne's Rib Cage Is Swearing At Us

Avril-Lavigne-Brody-JennerAvril Lavigne and her new boyfriend, Brody Jenner (WTF?), recently got matching tattoos. I know two people who need their mouths washed out with soap.


May 21, 2010

Photo in Search of a Caption: Ke$ha

Kesha-fame-whore Oh, Ke$ha, we know you have made a career on being quirky verging on chock full o' nuts, but are you such a fame whore that you have to stage pictures like this one? The photo is desperately in need of an explanatory caption.


Fashion Faux Pas: Adrien Brody's Leather Suit

Adrien-brody-worst-dressed There is no excuse. Not in France, not in Kansas.


May 13, 2010

Ladies, You Need To Accept That Yo Man Is Gonna Sleep With Bombshell McGee



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