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June 23, 2010

Madonna and Lourdes Debut Fashion Line Sketches

Madonna-and-lourdes Nothing like celebrating the 25th anniversary of a song like giving it its very own namesake clothing line. 

That's what Madonna and daughter Lourdes seem to be banking on anyway, as sketches were released yesterday for their joint fashion venture for Macy's, Material Girl. 


June 18, 2010

Ron Artest Thanks Shrink, New Single Dropping Soon, Oh Yeah, Won NBA Championship

Ron-artest-la-lakers  There is something to be said for normalizing psychiatric care, and what better opportunity to do that AND promote the dropping of your new single than the joyful moments after your team wins the NBA championship? 

I wouldn't know, but L.A. Laker Ron Artest totally does. 


June 14, 2010

Katy Perry to Lady Gaga: Blasphemy Isn't Entertainment

Katy-perry  Lady Gaga described the "Alejandro" video as a celebration of her "love and respect for the gay community." Per a tweet she sent out last week shortly after its release, newly appointed mother superior Katy Perry just might be calling it blasphemy.


June 09, 2010

Alanis Morisette Marries Rapper Souleye

Alanis-morissette  Yes, '90s children, forget that engagement to Ryan Reynolds and ancient fling with Full House actor Dave Coulier. Alanis Morrisette has moved on and gotten herself married to a tall, blue-eyed rapper named Souleye. 


June 07, 2010

MTV Fashion Parade: The Good, The Bad, The WTF?

Katy-perry-MTV-movie-awards-headshot At last night's MTV Movie Awards, the stars were out, but most of the stylists were missing. Paging Rachel Zoe!


June 04, 2010

Whitney: Now Less Crack-head Looking!

13968_mmxdmrmrdx_m I, for one, was not at all disgusted - more like thrilled - to hear that Whitney Houston has put on some weight.  Pictures after the jump .. God love her for being normal-looking.


June 01, 2010

Photo in Search of a Caption: Miley Cyrus

Miley-cyrus  Warning: There be camel-toe under the jump. 


May 31, 2010

Bridget Jones: The Musical - Music by Lily Allen?


Little known fact: a lot of MamaPop-ers are musical FREAKS. Myself included. So this news about a supposed project?  Has me hitting the high notes. ::high hat::


Madonna Gives Malawi "One More Chance"

Madonna-whip-malawi Madonna's love for Malawi was on the Borderline, but after the president freed a gay couple from prison, she's still Crazy for You.


May 30, 2010

Céline Dion Pregnant With Twins

Celine-dion-pregnant  Céline Dion is pregnant with twins, husband/manager René Angélil announced today. So yes, it looks like she will go on -- and on -- having babies. 


May 28, 2010

Ready For Stardom: American Idol Runner-Up Crystal Bowersox on Boyfriend Break-Up

Crystal-bowersox-square Crystal Bowersox says she is "coping well" with her break-up that occurred the day before the American Idol finale. Yes, folks, Crystal is ready to be a star! 


Backstreet Boys Announce Label Split, Tour, Despite Their Utter Irrelevance

Backstreet-boys-unbreakable  Wait, what? Seriously? These guys are still around? 


May 27, 2010

50 Cent Encourages Aspiring Anorexics All Over the Globe

Picture 8 50 Cent can now show young people that, yes, anorexia does really work!


Fashion Faux Pas: Willie Nelson's Haircut

Willie-nelson-cut-hair This is big news, people.


May 26, 2010

In Shocking Twist, Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Dio Funeral

Ronnie-james-dio-horns-small  Showing a continuing hatred and misunderstanding of everything, the Westboro Baptist Church and worst person in the world Fred Phelps plan to picket Ronnie James Dio's memorial service Sunday. Or as they call him, "the dead brute Dio."

Not nice. 


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