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June 25, 2010

Tiki Barber is Broke!

Tiki unsureTiki Barber can't afford the divorce that he has to get because he left his pregnant wife for a 23 year old.

I don't mean to laugh at the misfortune of others but HAHAHAHAHAHA. 


June 22, 2010

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Are Getting A Divorce: No, For Real

Heidi_montag_video The Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt divorce has been reported, and then reported as fake, and then reported again.  But no, you guys, this time, like totally, they are REALLY DOING IT.  LIKE, FOR REAL.


June 15, 2010

Heidi Moves in With Former Housemate?

D928cb8bc4d8422a84fbe949c6ca666d_heidi_montag-5370To all the haters who think we report on Speidi too much .. it's like crack.  I wish I could quit them.  But I deserve my own episode of Intervention regarding the addiction, but then Heidi goes and does stuff like this and don't you NEED TO KNOW?! (Yes, of course you do.)


June 08, 2010

Heidi Montag Files For Legal Separation From Spencer Pratt *updated*

Heidi-montag-spencer-pratt-legal-separation  If these kids can't make is, WHO CAN?! WHY GOD, WHY?!


June 07, 2010

Quel Surprise! Speidi Split a Hoax?!

Heidi and spencerOkay, that whole subject line was FORCED SARCASM, in case you missed it. This couple probably couldn't even have sincere bowel movements. Without photo ops, though, we'll never know.


June 02, 2010

Gossip Rag Wednesday: Kardashian Kover Edition

Img6377  This week's crop of tabloids, released to the newstands just today, and sanitized for your protection.


May 25, 2010

Avril Lavigne's Rib Cage Is Swearing At Us

Avril-Lavigne-Brody-JennerAvril Lavigne and her new boyfriend, Brody Jenner (WTF?), recently got matching tattoos. I know two people who need their mouths washed out with soap.


May 14, 2010

Spencer Pratt: Universal Dick

Spencer-pratt-douchebag Now even his parents agree: Spencer Pratt is a dick.


Spencer Pratt: "He's Just Too Much". Understatement.

Spencer-pratt-crystals-281x211 We've all been following with baited breath and great anticipation .. or really, we've been looking for other stories that are more interesting and haven't found any .. the drawn-out saga of Heidi and Spencer and their journey into Crazytown.


May 13, 2010

News Flash: Spencer and Heidi Vying for Worst People Ever Title

Heidi-montag-spencer-pratt The crazies are coming! The crazies are coming!


May 12, 2010

Speidi Absent from The End of The Hills?

Heidi_spencer1Say it ain't so!  What will we DO without sillicone and crystals to send off our fave "reality" scripted tv show from the last six years? (I AM SO OLD.)


Spencer Pratt: Heidi's Mom Just a Vagina

Heidi_montag_spencer_pratt  Spencer Pratt says Heidi Montag's mom can just shut up because she didn't make Heidi, God did. 

Spencer Pratt is possibly one of the worst people in the world. 


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