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June 16, 2010

Laurie David Denies Affair With Al Gore

Al_Gore,_Vice_President_of_the_United_States,_official_portrait_1994 When news of the Al and Tipper Gore Split hit we all wondered why?  Did they grow apart?  Was it an affair?  Laurie David has come forward and said Al Gore did not have an affair with her, contrary to what a tabloid is reporting.


June 14, 2010

Katy Perry to Lady Gaga: Blasphemy Isn't Entertainment

Katy-perry  Lady Gaga described the "Alejandro" video as a celebration of her "love and respect for the gay community." Per a tweet she sent out last week shortly after its release, newly appointed mother superior Katy Perry just might be calling it blasphemy.


June 09, 2010

Alanis Morisette Marries Rapper Souleye

Alanis-morissette  Yes, '90s children, forget that engagement to Ryan Reynolds and ancient fling with Full House actor Dave Coulier. Alanis Morrisette has moved on and gotten herself married to a tall, blue-eyed rapper named Souleye. 


Jesse James Suing Web Company

Jesse-James.jpg Jesse James is suing a web company named ViewPartner who he says cheated him out of more than $150,000 and used his image without permission.  He filed a lawsuit today for 155K plus unspecified damages for fraud and wrongful use of his image.


June 04, 2010

Wrongful Death Suit Filed By Widow of David Carradine

David-Carradine-wrongful-death Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting and apparently not to industry standard.


May 28, 2010

Tom Cruise Is NOT Dead

Tom-cruise  If you see reports that Tom Cruise is dead this is a hoax.  I repeat: this is a hoax.  Do not re-tweet, do not forward emails.  Do not call your mom.  Step away from Facebook.  He is very much alive.


May 24, 2010

Tammy Lynn Michaels to Melissa Etheridge, Uncensored

Melissa-etheridge-tammy-lynn-michaels-weddingMelissa Etheridge can tell you: Indiana hath no fury like a celebrity wife scorned -- especially one with a blog. 


May 21, 2010

$h*% My Dad Says, CBS, On Parent Group's Hit List

William-shatner  The Parents Television Council has strong words for William Shatner's latest television show, $#*! My Dad Says


May 12, 2010

Hit 'em Where It Hurts: Right in the Twitter

Twitter-celebrity-kerala OHEMGEE, y'all, there was, like, this Turkish dude yesterday that, like, HACKED into Twitter and stuff!  And celebs were left with, like, NO followers for, like, AN HOUR.  I KNOW.  DOUBLEYOU-TEE-EFF, you know?


Sir Ian McKellan Mistaken For Homeless, Given Spare Change

Ian-mckellan-waiting-for-godot4  I love pretty much everything about this story.


May 10, 2010

Scientology Leaders Join Crowd, Laugh at Tom Cruise

Tom-cruise-scientology What do Scientology leaders do when Tom Cruise tells them exactly how he feels? They play the videos back at cocktail parties and laugh. 


May 05, 2010

Justin Bieber Is Not Dating Kim Kardashian, So Stop Threatening Her

Kardashian-bieber Justin Bieber has taken to the Twitter to calm fans who have allegedly sent death threats to Kim Kardashian since the duo's May-December crush party began last week.



Yes, I think this is really real.


May 04, 2010

Lindsay Lohan to Play Linda Lovelace in Indie Biopic: Vows to Not Bare Any More Than She Already Has

Lindsay-lohan-boobage Which pretty much leaves it wide open. (Heh heh.) 

In what could be a potentially shrewd move to make hay while the sun shines on her tawdry tabloid exploits or an effort to put all her recent life drama into a project that might just pay out with an Oscar nom, it appears that LiLo is set to take on the title role of Linda Lovelace, of "Deep Throat" fame, in a biopic entitled "Inferno." 


May 03, 2010

Is This Britney Spears' Singing Gaga's "Telephone"?

Britney-spears-telephone-HIMYM  TRUE FAX: Lady Gaga's first songwriting gig was for Britney Spears. This was not exactly the big break one would think, since the assignment was during Brit-Brit's seventh or eighth downward spiral, when she was far too busy shaving her head, flashing her bits and touring the various Rite-Aids of Southern California to be bothered with recording anything Gaga wrote for her. "Telephone" was reportedly one of those songs, and if Internet leaks are to be believed, she did at least record a demo version. And why would the Internet lie to a person?


April 30, 2010

Twitter "Trolls" Executed with Extreme Prejudice by a Spelling-Challenged John Cusack

Johncusacklookingaskance Anyone who follows John Cusack's twitter feed knows that spelling is not his strong suit. Cusack tries to blame his iPhone and being "new at this" for his hapless misspellings, but no self-respecting former spelling bee winners are buying it.


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